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Are you looking for the latest and most powerful Subway Surfers cheats? Just check the following article, guaranteed you will get better at playing! (update 2021)

Subway Surfers Cheats it will definitely make your game more fun. Moreover, you can unlock cool skins and characters for free.

Of course, to get good characters and skins, you need coins and keys. You can find this item in the game while playing, but it is very difficult to get especially the key.

Those of you who want to have coins and keys quickly, can use the Subway Surfers cheat that ApkVenue has provided below. Let's see!

Best Subway Surfers Cheats (Unlimited Coin & Key)

As one of the best Android running games, surely many are looking for ways to win the game Subway Surfers easily. Well, the easiest way to have a large number of coins and keys is to use MOD.

MOD is a hack term that changes various aspects of the game such as finances or character strength. You can download the game Subway Surfers MOD.

This application is in the form of an APK and you have to install it on your Android phone manually. For those of you who can't wait to find out how to cheat Subway Surf, here are the steps!

1. Download Subway Surfers MOD APK

  • Download Subway Surfers MOD which is through the link that Jaka provides below. Later the file will be in the form of an APK. Please install it first!

>>>Download the Latest Subway Surfer MOD APK v2.13.5 2021<<<

  • For the record, make sure you don't have the official Subway Surfers application on your cellphone. If you have, delete it immediately because it will not work optimally.

2. Enter the Game

  • Open the app Subway Surfers MOD APK. Make sure you don't choose to login when directed by the game.
  • You will start the game from scratch through the tutorial. Play the game tutorial until it's finished.
  • After the tutorial, you will be taken to the main page. Now coins and keys you already numbered each 111 Million.

3. Done!

  • Not only Coins and Keys become very much, but also all characters are unlocked and ready to play.
  • In addition to the MOD above, you can also try various types of games best android game cheat app which ApkVenue has reviewed in full in the following article:

Subway Surfers Game Tips and Tricks

For those of you who are lazy to install the MOD application, then the only thing you can do is do special tricks in order to get coins or keys.

Especially if you look at the case on your PC or laptop, foreign applications that are not guaranteed to be safe can harm your gadget, gang.

So this is not a Subway Surfers cheat like the one above, gang. In other words, you need to work extra hard to get what you want.

Remember, some of the tips and tricks below may no longer apply in the future, especially if the developer has fixed it through the latest update.

Without further ado, here are some tips and tricks that you can apply!

1. Invisible Board

Invisible board is one of the tricks that can make your skateboard invisible, gang. You will later see your character as if he was floating on the road. Here's how!

  • When you start playing, make your character die on purpose for a few seconds.
  • Activate mega headstart when your player dies.
  • Later when you land, activate the hoverboard as soon as possible! Your board will appear transparent. Cool, right?

2. Moving Smoke

In addition to the Invisible Board, you can also do Moving smoke. In this trick later you will see the smoke from the jetpack will move in the opposite direction to the direction of the jetpack. Here's how!

  • Use the hoverboard Bouncer, then activate it.
  • Take the jetpack while the Bouncer is still active.
  • If it works, you'll see this trick work.
  • Want more? You can upgrade your jetpack so you can see smoke longer.

3. Miami-Special Board Free

Well, you can get a free board when you open the app or join an event on a certain date. One of them is the Miami-Special Board. Have you missed it? Relax, here's how!

  • Open your gadget's date settings, then change the date to 30 May 2013.
  • Open the game Subway Surfers and check the Boards Section.
  • See! You get the Miami-Special Board for free!

4. Take 2 Coins at Once

It turns out that you can take 2 coins at once, you know! The trick itself is very easy. Here's how!

  • Use the Super Sneakers power-up.
  • If you're lucky, you'll find a jetpack when the Super Sneaker is still active.
  • Use the jetpack and you can start earning two coins at once.
  • So that this trick can run optimally, Jaka recommends that you upgrade the Super Sneaker and jetpack first.

5. Lucky Death

This last trick is called Lucky Death because players can survive death with this trick.

The trick, when there is an obstacle in front of you and a train on the right or left, turn towards the train just before you die.

After that, just keep moving in any direction so that the player stays alive. Indeed, this trick is quite difficult, but you can definitely try it especially if you are a pro!

That's the Subway Surfers cheat that you can download for free and it's easy to apply. So now you can buy anything and use any character in Subway Surfers.

Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column, see you in the next article!

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