the difference between full version, rip, alpha, demo, and beta games

Like to buy or download games? This is the difference between Full Version, Rip, Alpha, Demo, and Beta games.

Have you ever heard the words Full Version, RIP, or Portable when buying or downloading games? Maybe you've heard of it, and many think it's the same, even though it's different.

The terms above are terms of various game packaging carried out by developer or uploader which houses the game.

Like for example the Full Version, it is not the same as the rip version, where the full version is the original version and packaging directly from the developer. While the rip version is a version that has been interfered with by the uploader or repackers.

So, that's why Jaka will explain Difference Game Full Version, Rip, Alpha, Demo, and Beta the following.

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Difference Game Full Version, Rip, Alpha, Demo, and Beta

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Full Version

As Jaka explained above, Full Version is the full version that was immediately released developer or publisher. So in this Full Version, you will feel the original version of a game without reducing and adding existing features.

And usually, you can get the full version of this game through security, such as a serial number or it can be activated immediately for those of you who use cassettes to download installer.


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Contrary to the Full Version, this Rip or Ripped version is a version that has gone through compression stage or size reduction through feature reduction in any area, such as audio, features, textures, cinema, or the quality of a game. Usually this packaging is favored by gamers who have little capital to download or buy a game.


Alpha is a term for games that are still trial stage for the first time. So for those of you who have tried Alpha games, you may encounter a lot of asynchronous features in this game, and this is indeed common in alpha games.


Game demo, is a packaging made by publisher for the pre-release of a game, which is usually used for game testing carried out by the parties publisher to game testers or directly to the general public. Usually games like this still have a lot of bugs and semi-finished.


If this version is usually available at the time game will be released, you could say the trial and beta is also divided into several stages. Namely OBT (Open Beta Test) which at this time a game is ready to be tested by the general public. The second is CBT (Close Beta Test), which is the closing stage of the beta test and is ready for the full version launch.


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So before buying or downloading, there are times when you pay attention to the packaging or version in the game. Because if something goes wrong, it will affect your gaming experience.

Now, do you understand the difference between Full Version, Rip, Alpha, Demo, and Beta games? Hopefully it won't be wrong later. , don't forget to leave your mark through the comments column.