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5 best carry heroes in mobile legends 2018

In the Mobile Legends game, Carry is a term for heroes who have very high attack power and are able to bring the team to victory. In another sense, the Carry hero is the spearhead or determinant of a team's victory.

In the Mobile Legends game, Carry is a term for heroes who have strength very high attack and able to lead the team to victory. In another sense, the Carry hero is the spearhead or determinant of a team's victory. Hero Carry is usually able to attack very quickly and depends on items and farming.

Among the dozens of heroes in Mobile Legends, of course there are many heroes who are Carry. Well, this time Jaka will discuss 5 Best Carry Heroes in Mobile Legends 2018. Who are you? Check out the reviews, come on!

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5 Best Carry Heroes in Mobile Legends

1. Karina

It is undeniable, Karina is one of the most feared heroes by the enemy. Not without reason, this one assassin hero does have deadly skills and very dangerous attacking abilities. Even Karina has a skill that makes it immune to basic attacks.

Karina is also able to lunge and ambush the enemy and kill him with very fast. The cooldown reduction effect he has allows him to issue skills more often and kill more enemies.

2. Alucard

This hero fighter is known to have very strong endurance thanks to his lifesteal skills. Not only that, Alucard is also the best Carry hero capable of spearheading the team. His presence was enough to overwhelm the enemy. Sick damage and ability attack the enemy quickly makes it hard to beat.

By using the right items and doing farming, Alucard can become more dangerous and should be wary of enemies. Especially if you have entered late game, then Alucard's magic will be increasingly impossible to conquer.

3. Layla

Some players may still underestimate the greatness of this marksman. Layla, which can be obtained for free, does have a poor defense that makes it easy to die. However, if equipped with right item, then Layla can be a very dangerous Carry hero.

The high damage generated from Layla's weapon is enough to make the enemy suffer significant physical damage. Moreover, Layla's attack range is quite far after all ultimate skills mainstay. It would be very difficult to dodge Layla's deadly shot instead of having a chance to attack her.

4. Irithel

This marksman riding a tiger is famous for having very high damage, especially in his ultimate skill. Irithel's ability to attack while running makes her quite feared by the enemy. This one hero also has high attack speed thus making his attacks rarely miss.

Using Irithel along with the right items makes him able to spearhead the team. Especially if the player knows how combine skills Irithel's mainstay, it will be very difficult for the enemy to attack let alone kill him.

5. Fanny

Even though it is very difficult to control, no one will be able to deny the magic of this assassin hero. Starting from her agility jumping here and there, Fanny has been very troublesome and scary for the enemy. Not again his two sword attack which has high damage and is able to kill more than one enemy at once.

Fanny also has abilities fight alone without relying on teammates. If used by advanced players, Fanny can easily face enemy attacks even if she is alone.

Well, that's him 5 Best Carry Heroes in Mobile Legends 2018. How? Do you agree with the list above? If you have other opinions, feel free to comment, OK!