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10 of the best & newest netflix korean dramas 2020, make you baper!

Want to watch the latest and best Netflix Korean dramas? Here, ApkVenue gives you the trailer and review so that you can't wait to watch it.

Currently, Korean dramas or drakor are still in great demand by their fans. Not without reason, drakor does often present exciting stories to follow.

Drakor also has various genres that you can choose according to your wishes. Starting from the genre of romance, comedy, supernatural, action, thriller, and many more.

The fun thing is, you can watch Korean dramas on the Netflix streaming site. That way, you don't have to bother downloading the drakor.

So, are you looking for recommendations for 2020 Korean dramas that air on Netflix? If so, Jaka has prepared a list Netflix Korean dramas latest for you to watch!

Recommended Best Netflix Korean Dramas (Netflix Original Korean Dramas)

Drakor is one of the most popular shows because it has many loyal fans who watch every episode from beginning to end.

You can choose the best Korean drama titles of all time as you like to watch in your spare time or when you're feeling bored.

Until now, there are some of the best and latest dramas that air on Netflix. You may also have watched some of them.

Curious about which dramas are still fresh for you to watch on Netflix? Here Jaka summarizes best Netflix Korean dramas 2020 along with trailersher, gang!

1. Crash Landing on You

You are certainly no stranger to the title of this best Netflix Korean drama, namely Crash Landing on You. Naturally, the story is unique and very fun to follow.

This 2019 romantic comedy drama, which continues until February 2020, tells the story of the female heir to the Chaebol throne in South Korea named Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin).

The story gets more exciting when he goes paragliding and falls in North Korean territory. he was saved by Captain Ri who works in the North Korean Special Forces.

TitleCrash Landing on You
Rating8.9/10 IMDb
Show14 December 2019 - 16 February 2020
GenreComedy, Romance
DirectorLee Jeong-hyo
CastHyun Bin (Ri Jung Hyuk)

Kim Jung-hyun (Goo Seung-joon)


Saturday & Sunday at 19.00 WIB

2. Hi Bye, Mama!

Done Crash Landing on You, Hi Bye, Mama! started to air and became one of the Netflix 2020 Korean dramas that are worthy for you to watch, gang.

This sad Korean drama tells the story of a mother named Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee) who died in a tragic accident 5 years ago.

She was then given the opportunity to return to her husband and children for 49 days. But when she returned, her son already had a new mother because her husband remarried.

TitleHi Bye, Mama!
Rating8.4/10 IMDb
Show22 February - 19 April 2020
DirectorYoo Je-Won
CastKim Tae Hee (Cha Yu Ri)

Go Bo-Gyeol (Oh Min-Jung)


Saturday & Sunday at 19.00 WIB

3. Hospital Playlist

Since its release in March 2020, Netflix's Korean drama titled Hospital Playlist immediately popular and became a topic of conversation among drama lovers.

This drama about doctors tells the story of five doctors who have been friends since their college days in 1999. They were then united while working at the same hospital.

Because of their close relationship, Ik Jun (Jo Sung Suk) and his four best friends can even read each other's thoughts just through stares, gang.

TitleHospital Playlist
Rating8/10 IMDb
Show12 March - 28 May 2020
GenreDrama, Comedy
DirectorShin Won-Ho
CastCho Jung-Seok (Lee Ik-Jun)

Jung Kyoung-Ho (Kim Jun-Wan)


Thursday at 21.30 WIB

Other Best Netflix Korean Drama Recommendations..

4. Itaewon Class

Being one of the newest Netflix Korean dramas that aired since February 2020, Itaewon Class is a drama adapted from the Webtoon series of the same name, gang.

This romantic comedy drama tells of Park Sae Roy (Park Seo Joon) who fights a food company CEO and his son because of the injustice he has received.

Together with Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi), he opened a restaurant business in the Itaewon area to beat the food company led by Jang Dae Hee (Yoo Jae Myung).

TitleItaewon Class
Rating8.3/10 IMDb
Show31 January - 21 March 2020
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorKim Sung-Yoon
CastPark Seo Joon (Park Sae Roy)

Ahn Bo Hyun (Jang Geun Won)


Friday & Saturday at 23.00 WIB

5. The King: Eternal Monarch

The King: Eternal Monarch is the latest Lee Min-Ho Korean drama which has started airing since April 17, 2020.

In this drama, a Korean emperor named Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) tries to close the door to a parallel world that was opened by a demon who was released into the human world.

This 2020 Korean drama recommendation presents a unique story because it is set in a parallel world so that it managed to get a high rating on the IMDb site.

TitleThe King: Eternal Monarch
Rating8.6/10 IMDb
ShowApril 17, 2020 - TBA
GenreFantasy, Romance
DirectorBaek Sang-Hoon
CastLee Min Ho (Lee Gon)

Woo Do-Hwan (Jo Young)


Friday & Saturday at 21.30 WIB

6. Kingdom

Drama titled Kingdom is the first Netflix original Korean drama produced by AStory.

Kingdom tells the story of the crown prince who returns to the castle and gets caught in a political conflict. He also has to deal with zombies that threaten his safety and the people of the kingdom.

Raising the theme of horror wrapped in royal politics, it's no wonder that this best Korean drama is liked by many people, especially lovers of horror series.

Rating8.3/10 IMDb
Show25 January 2019 - 13 March 2020
Episode6 (Season 1)

6 (Season 2)

GenreAction, Drama, Horror
DirectorKim Sung-Hoon
CastJu Ji-Hoon (Lee Chang)

Ryoo Seung-Ryong (Jo Hak-Joo)


7. Hyenas

Compared to other dramas, Hyena has a different story because it has a legal theme and focuses on two lawyers, Yoon Hee Jae (Ju Ji Hon) and Jung Geum Ja (Kim Hye Soo).

Although both are great, they are just lawyers who are after money and use the law as a weapon to survive.

This Korean drama on Netflix has become one of the most anticipated dramas in 2020 which has finally succeeded in achieving high ratings in every episode, gang.

Rating8.2/10 IMDb
Show21 February - 11 April 2020
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorJang Tae-Yoo
CastKim Hye-Soo (Jung Geum-Ja)

Ju Ji-Hoon (Yoon Hee-Jae)


Friday & Saturday at 20.00 WIB

8. Extracurricular

Starring Kim Dong Hee as Ji Soo, Extracurricular tells the story of a high school student who runs a prostitution business to make a lot of money.

Actually, Ji Soo is a smart and diligent student at his school. But outside of school, he provided protection services for prostitute girls.

genre crime, this latest Korean drama series will reveal the dark side of real world life among teenagers, gangs.

Rating7.7/10 IMDb
ShowApril 29, 2020 - TBA
DirectorKim Jin-Min
CastKim Dong Hee (Oh Ji Soo)

Park Joo-Hyun (Bae Gyu-Ri)


9. When the Camellia Blooms

2019 romantic comedy drama starring Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Ha Neul it received the highest rating throughout 2019.

Episodes 39 and 40 managed to get an average rating of 19.7 percent and 23.8 percent for each episode nationally.

This drama tells the life struggle of a single mother aka a single parent named Dong Baek. He recently moved to the small town of Ongsan and opened a bar called Camellia.

When The Camellia Blooms is interesting to watch because the story conveyed is very intersect with the real life of a single parent.

TitleWhen The Camellia Blooms
Rating8/10 IMDb
Show18 September - 21 November 2019
GenreRomance, comedy
DirectorCha Young-Hoon, Kang Min-Kyung
CastKim Sun-Young (Park Chan-Suk)]br]Kim Dong-Hyun (Song Jin-Bae)

Kim Mi-Hwa (Kim Jae-Young)


10. Love Alarm

Adapted from the popular webtoon of the same name, Love Alarm tells the love story of today's young people who can find love through applications.

Later, the application can notify its users if there is someone who has feelings for them within a 10 meter radius, gang.

Success with the first season, the love triangle and friendship in the drama with the shortest episode is confirmed to continue in the second season which will be released this year.

TitleLove Alarm
Rating7.5/10 IMDb
Show22 August 2019 - TBA
DirectorLee Na-Jeong
CastKim So-Hyun (Kim Jo-Jo)

Song Kang (Hwang Sun Oh)


That was 10 Netflix Korean dramas The best and newest 2020 with a storyline that is definitely exciting so it can make you addicted to watching, gang.

Not only is the storyline interesting, but the drama also stars well-known Korean actors and actresses, such as Lee Min-Ho, so it's a shame you don't want to miss it.

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