powerful tips for using hero ling mobile legends

To celebrate Ling's arrival on the original Mobile Legends server, Jaka wants to share tips on using Ling's hero in Mobile Legends, gang!

After previously Jaka had discussed the hero Wanwan Mobile Legends, now Jaka wants to discuss another new hero, gang!

Last August, advanced server Mobile Legends is coming Ling from the Moonton developer who will enter original server on November 2nd.

Like Wanwan, Ling has some unique skills that make him something to be feared, gang, especially when you're alone.

Ling Mobile Legends: New Assassin with Parkour Ability

If it's not clear in the title, gang, Ling is a new Mobile Legends hero who enters the Assassin category like Gusion and Hanzo, but these two heroes are usually not suitable for beginners.

As Assassin, Ling is suitable for using tactics hit and run where Ling looked for the right time to attack before disappearing again.

This is not cowardice, gang, but strategy, because they are very soft but have the ability to get away from enemies quickly.

As usual, gang, before we get into the technique of using Ling, Jaka wants to discuss a little about the appearance and background of this character, gang!

Ling in Mobile Legends, the Blue Finch that Attacks from Above

Like Wanwan, Ling's characteristics are taken from the mythology of the 4 beasts from China. Here, Ling takes on the role of the bird of the south.

The difference is that if in Chinese mythology the bird is depicted as red, Ling is instead nicknamed Blue Finch in Mobile Legends.

The Ling here had an even more elegant appearance compared to Gusion and certainly a far cry from the fierce Hanzo.

He uses a blue sword as his main weapon and is said to have completely inaudible steps.

But don't be fooled by her elegant appearance, gang, because Assassin this new one has a very painful sting.

Skill Ling Mobile Legends

Ling not only has a unique set of skills, gang, but he will also force you to reshuffle your thoughts about Mobile Legends.

At a glance, Ling is similar to Fanny which uses walls in Mobile Legends as an element of the game. But, Ling was even more excited, gang.

The following is a list of Ling's skills along with a brief explanation.

1. Cloud Walker (Passive)

Ling's skill in movement allowed him to jump from one wall to another. instead where, Ling needs Lightness to be able to use skills.

When on the wall, Ling will get 2 Lightness points per second and every successful attack on the enemy will give Ling 5 Lightness points.

2. Finch Poise (Skill 1)

Ling uses Lightness point to jump over the wall. As long as he is on a wall, Ling can jump to another wall without cooldown until it returns to the ground.

3. Defiant Sword (Skill 2)

Ling attacks in one direction and stabs at the surrounding opponents with critical chance higher than normal attacks.

If used when Ling is on the wall, this skill will deal damage area of ​​effect (AoE) and can reduce movement speed opponent.

4. Tempest of Blades (Ultimate Skill)

Ling will jump up and lower the sword to the ground which will cause AoE damage for a while.

In this period, Ling can move freely and will not take damage from the opponent for 2.5 seconds.

Ultimate Skills this will also spawn 4 swords around AoE which when taken will reset cooldown skill 2 and give 5 Lightness points.

Ling Mobile Legends Analysis

If you want to use Ling, get ready to get acquainted with the wall, gang, because the wall is a true friend Assassin this blue one.

With specialtyBurst Damage and Reap, Ling is most effective in utilizing his 2nd skill and damage critical to kill the opponent quickly.

Skill 2 Ling has cooldown which is very short at 2.5 seconds which you can combine with skill 1 and walls to kill enemies who try to escape.

In addition, when Ling is on the wall, only a few heroes can hit Ling so skill 1 can also be used to survive.

When dealing with several enemies or tank, Ling can use ultimate skills and continued with spam skills 2.

Tips for Using Ling

  • Study the location of the walls carefully, gang, because you will be required to jump from one wall to another in using Ling.

  • It should be noted that Ling cannot use the walls at the end of the game area, only the walls in the middle.

  • Always pay attention Lightness point you have because you need that energy to be able to jump to another wall.

  • Ling is relying on damage critical and spam skill 2, so you are advised to focus on increasing damage critical and critical chance.

  • Apart from parameters critical, you can also take advantage of lifesteal to survive or attack speed to strengthen the attack.

  • Remember, ultimate skills makes Ling unable to be attacked, so it can be used to survive if you are in a hurry, gang.

  • Use a combination of skills to finish off the opponent quickly because Ling is too fragile for a normal 1v1 contest like most Assassin other.

Ling's advantages and disadvantages

Ability parkour what Ling has is indeed a very big plus, gang, but Ling still has some shortcomings which Jaka will discuss here.


  • Has its own habitat on the wall that can't be contested except by a few heroes.

  • Can move quickly from one point to another by jumping from one wall to another.

  • Ultimate Skills can be used to escape when it is pressed or when surrounded by opponents.

  • Skill 2 Ling has cooldown short and difficult for opponents to dodge.


  • You have to memorize the location of the wall if you want to move quickly on the map which is the most important thing in playing as a Assassin.

  • In jumping from one wall to another requires Lightness point, so just wanting to move Ling requires a lot of energy.

  • Very fragile and because Ling needed Lightness point to escape, it can be bad if the Ling combo fails to kill the opponent.

  • Have the ability crowd control which is minimal, so you have to quickly kill your opponent so your opponent doesn't run away.

Well, that's a little advice from Jaka regarding tips for using Ling Mobile Legends hero, gang.

Ability parkour what Ling has is interesting, gang, but necessity lightness point which is not small makes the 1 Ling skill unable to be used arbitrarily.

Even though she looks easier to use compared to Fanny, he was more energy-intensive, so actually playing as Ling required more thought.

What do you think about Assassin new to this one, gang? What do you think overpowered? Share in the comments column, yes, gang!

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