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7 sites to watch free & best movies 2021

The IndoXXI streaming film site has indeed been blocked. But, calm down! There are still alternative sites to watch free movies with Indonesian and legal subtitles here!

Streaming movie site Of course it can be the best choice when you want to get rid of fatigue after a day of activities, yes, gang.

Moreover, with the ongoing spread of the Corona virus, many of us have to stay at home, so watching movies is the most effective way to get rid of boredom.

Unfortunately, last year you had to part with one of the most popular free movie streaming services, IndoXXI.

But, even though IndoXXI is blocked and disappears, there are still some free movie watching site which you can access in 2020, you know! What are these sites? Here is the full list.

1. Viu

Photo source: Viu

For you Korean drama lovers, VIU (www.viu.com) is one of the sites or platform streaming movies that you must try.

Here you will find a large selection of the latest Korean drama and film titles from various genres can watch for free.

Yes, although some of the premium content can only be enjoyed by paid subscribers.

Not only shows from the Korean Ginseng Country, Viu also provides a selection of Thai dramas and films, Indonesian films, and Japanese dramas, you know.

2. iFlix

Photo source: iFlix

Apart from Viu, iFlix (www.iflix.com) is also one of the sites to watch free movies that are no less popular, gang. You can watch movies online with indo sub for free with a wide selection of titles that have been provided.

In fact, one of the latest Thai dramas, Bad Genius you can also watch it at platform Stream this one for free, you know. Great, right?

Not only that, iFlix also provides film and drama content from various countries such as Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, to the ranks of Hollywood films.

3. Genflix

Photo source: Genflix

Want an alternative site free movie links other? Genflix (www.genflix.co.id) maybe it could be one of the answers!

Especially for you lovers of Japanese animated films, Genflix also provides quite a lot of choices such as Pokemon, My Hero Academia, and many more.

Interestingly, in addition to providing movie or serial content from various countries, this free movie watching site also provides live TV services where you can watch streaming local TV channels.

You don't need to install an online TV watching application anymore, gang!


Photo source: Google Play

The next legal free movie watching site is here CATCHPLAY+ (www.catchplay.com) which even provides a special category menu for free collections of movies and dramas.

But, if you want to watch premium movie content, you are required to subscribe first by paying IDR 45,000 per month.

Not much different from other online movie streaming sites for 2020 Indo sub, CATCHPLAY+ also provides a variety of Indonesian, Korean, Thai, and Hollywood movie content.

5. Video

Photo source: Video

Although it is known as one of the best online TV apps, but Video (www.vidio.com) also apparently provides a variety of film content that you can watch for free, you know.

Unmitigated, here you will also find many Korean, Indonesian, Hollywood films, Thai films and Indian films. Very complete, right?

However, for some exclusive movie content, unfortunately, it can only be watched by those of you who have subscribed to a Vidio premium account.

6. Online Cinema

The next best cinema movie site is here Online Cinema (//bioskoponline.com/) which specifically provides the best works of the nation's children.

For those of you who are more interested in watching Indonesian films, Online Cinema presents several choices of titles from various genres that you can enjoy. Although it's not too much.

In addition, to watch on this site you also have to spend first alias paid. But calm down, starting from IDR 5,000 you can already enjoy it, really!

7. WeTV

Last one WeTV (//wetv.vip/en) the latter is quite popular among fans of the best free movie streaming sites.

Interestingly, WeTV also provides several original drama series like Netflix which offer interesting stories, you know! For example, Imperfect The Series which is an adaptation of the film.

For you fans of anime series, WeTV also has a fairly diverse bibliography complete with Indonesian subtitles. The cool thing is, you can enjoy all of this for free, you know.

Disclaimer: Shhh... It's Dangerous to Watch Movies On line What You Should Know!

As you know, movie watching sites streaming IndoXXI has closed all of its services on January 1, 2020.

The main reason is clear, because watching movies through this site is certainly violating Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), where IndoXXI does not pay a penny to the film owner.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you watch movies on legal sites only, yes. Besides, what's the harm in watching movies on line through a service similar to IndoXXI?

In fact, many service providers streaming this install pornographic ads so that the content is less safe if accessed by minors.

In addition, sometimes these ads direct to online gambling content, to the potential phishing and spread malware on the device that accesses it, you know.

Therefore, you should think twice when visiting the movie watching sites that Jaka reviewed above, gang. Do with your own risk!

Well, those are the recommendations for the best and free movie watching sites in 2021 that you can visit as an alternative to IndoXXI. You will feel like you have your own online cinema!

But, remember! Use the sites above wisely and don't use them to watch negative things, okay!

From the collection above, which site? streaming which is your favourite? Come on, write your opinion in the comments column below and see you in the next JalanTikus article!

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