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5 tricks for calling without credit for all operators, 100% working!

Want to know how to make calls without credit to all operators? ApkVenue, share this secret trick how to make free calls to all operators. Guaranteed to work 100%.

Communication is important, this is what makes HP an important item. With mobile phones, long-distance communication has become easier.

There are two options for communicating with mobile phones, sending messages/chats and calling. The best thing, actually called. But unfortunately calling it requires a lot of credit and tends to be expensive.

So that you can make happy calls, let's have a look how to make calls without credit below, so that your pulse does not run out quickly.

5 Tricks for Calling Without Toll All Operators, Guaranteed to Work 100%

With the technology available today, there are various ways that you can use to make calls without credit.

Not only via the internet, the method that ApkVenue shared this time can be used for free calls using a separate communication line.

Curious about how to call without credit to all operators? Here is more information.

1. Free Calls Using the LINE Out App

One of the most popular chat applications, namely LINE. In addition to chatting, who would have thought that this application can also make calls for free.

It's free, calling through this application can be to all operator numbers through a special line. The sound that is offered itself is very clear, really worth a try.

Not only in Indonesia, this one application allows you to contact people all over the world for free.

Currently the LINE Out service already integrated directly with the main application LINE, so you don't need to download a different application if you already have LINE.

DeveloperLINE Corporation
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (12.162.550)
Android MinimumVaries

Download the LINE App here!


2. TalkU, the Best Free Calling App

This application offers a way to make calls without credit that you can use for your personal needs international communication.

TalkU even provides a service where you can get United States phone number for free, gang.

Not only via the internet, if the person you want to contact cannot access the internet, TalkU provides international telephone services at super cheap prices.

DeveloperTalkU International Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (302.788)
Size37 MB
Android Minimum4.1

Download the TalkU App here!


3. Free Calls Using the Viber Application

This application is very popular in the world. Apart from smartphones, also available for PC. This allows you to make calls between PCs and smartphones.

Viber too provide calling services to regular cellular networks, and you can access it for free by collecting points in this application.

Not only free calls, this application also offers messaging. So there's no reason anymore, right, not to try this application?

DeveloperViber Messenger
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (13.778.229)
Android MinimumVaries

Download the Viber App here!

JalanTikus Social & Messaging Apps DOWNLOAD

4. Free Calls Using the Free Phone Calls Application

For those of you who don't like complicated, then this trick of calling without credit is a must try. The reason is that it really looks like a normal phone call in general.

This free phone app provide a special number for you to use, and with this number you can call each other for free.

In addition, in this application you can enjoy international telephone service for free too lol. How? Interested in trying this application?

InformationFree Phone Calls
DeveloperDingtone, Inc.
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (556.567)
Android Minimum4.1

Download the Free Phone Calls Application here!

Free Phone Calls

5. Free Calls Using the BlueFi App

For those of you who like to call for hours without stopping, then you must try this method. This method is by make calls via bluetooth network. Guaranteed free tens of hours.

However, to make calls using this method, there is a disadvantage, namely that it cannot be used long distance. This method is suitable for communication between residents of the house as well as for event coordination.

By using this free calling application, your communication pattern will become more effective because the function of this application is devoted to calling only.

InformationBlueFi Phone
DeveloperIchiban Soft
Size2 MB
Android Minimum4.1

Download the BlueFi App here!

Apps Networking Ichiban Soft DOWNLOAD

With Trick to call without credit from Jaka, now your communication is definitely smoother. You can use the trick that ApkVenue shared this time as an alternative to WhatsApp and other maintream applications.

In addition, there are also many special free call functions owned by this series of applications that ApkVenue recommends that are not in the application chat mainstream.

How are you doing, gang? Interested in trying the application that ApkVenue recommends this time? Share your opinion, which application do you think is the best!

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