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how to use telegram on the latest mobile, pc, & web 2021

How to use Telegram is similar to other chat applications. However, there are advantages to the Telegram application that other chat applications do not have.

How to use Telegram actually not just for chat just. However, there are many other features that you can use when using this application.

Telegram is the most popular chat application that actually uses similar to WhatsApp, Line, and others. Even so, there are several advantages of the Telegram application that other applications do not have.

This application uses a cloud base so that sending messages can be faster. In addition, Telegram is also fairly light and doesn't eat a lot of memory on your cellphone, gang.

Even though it's labeled as a chat application, in fact Telegram has a myriad of features that don't just focus on sending instant messages, you know!

Telegram features are unique and really cool. Starting from secret chat, channel, and much more. If you are interested and want to know how to use Telegram, see the following article, yes!

How to Use Telegram on Mobile

So far, chat applications have made us anxious because the data of our private conversations can be hacked and disseminated. However, not so with Telegram, gang.

Telegram uses encryption features end-to-end which aims to make your chat more secure. Because it is so safe, Telegram has even become a favorite chat application for corruptors and terrorists, gangs.

Not long ago, news broke that WhatsApp would update the feature privacy potentially compromise your privacy. Instead of being complicated, it's better to just install Telegram, gang.

In this article, ApkVenue will tell you how to use the Telegram application on your cellphone easily. Check it out!

1. Download and Install Telegram

  • If you use iPhone, you can download directly at App Store. If you are a user Android, you can directly download Telegram via the link that Jaka provides below:
Apps Social & Messaging Telegram LLC DOWNLOAD

Or via the following link:

Download Telegram for Android Latest version

  • After downloading, install Telegram on your cellphone as usual.

2. Create a Telegram Account

Next, register and create a Telegram account. The method is quite easy, you stay enter your phone number just.

  • Open the Telegram application that has been installed. In the main menu, click on the text Start Messaging.

  • Enter your phone number along with the area code. Suppose you live abroad, don't forget to change the area code.

  • You can't register for telegram by email and can only use a phone number. Give permission to Telegram to access contacts, messages, storage, and more.

  • If you have entered your mobile number correctly, you will get an SMS containing a confirmation code. Enter the code in the column provided.

  • Telegram will immediately add a list of your contact friends who use Telegram automatically if you have given contact access.

3. Create a Telegram Profile

After you have finished registering, it is time for you to create your own Telegram profile.

  • Click the menu button which has 3 vertical lines icon on the top left, then click Settings.
  • You can replace photos with photos that you have edited, add a Bio or change your Telegram username at will.

4. Adding Contacts

If by chance your friends who also use Telegram don't appear on the friend list, you can add your own contacts manually.

  • Click button menu, then select Contacts.

  • You can add friends using Invite Friends or find new people in your local area by selecting Find People Nearby.

5. Starting a Conversation

Now is the time for us to enter the steps to start a conversation or chat.

  • On the main page of the Telegram app, click on blue pencil logo in the right corner of the screen.

  • Choose a contact to start a conversation or you can click on the logo "+" It's blue in the right corner of the screen.

Step 6 - Creating a Group

After you understand how to use Telegram in a basic way, now Jaka wants to teach you how to create a Telegram group, gang.

  • In the main menu, click pencil icon earlier, then select New Group to create a new group.

  • The cool thing is, on Telegram you can create groups containing up to 200 thousand people, gang!

7. Create a Secret Chat

There is a cool feature on Telegram where you can chat to your heart's content without being caught. Even so, don't use it for cheating, gang!

Feature Secret Chat is a feature that will remove history your chat after some time. Other than that, secret chat can't-forward and has no trace on the server.

It's very easy, you know! Just follow the steps below, OK!

  • On Telegram main menu, click on blue pencil icon which is used to create a new conversation.

  • Choose an option New Secret Chat, then select your friend who you want to chat with in secret.

8. Create Channels

Channels allow us to communicate with many people, but they can't respond to what we say in that place.

It's like a radio broadcast, only in text format. The difference with the group is that the channel has properties 1 way communication.

You can use the channel to share information with everyone in it.

In addition to creating your own channel, there is also a way to join a channel on Telegram via the shared link. Here's how to create a channel:

  • On Telegram main menu, click on blue pencil icon which is used to create a new conversation.

  • Click on options New Channel, after that specify the name and image of the channel you want.

How to Use Telegram on Laptop/PC

As Jaka said before, Telegram can not only be used on cellphones, but also on PCs, even the Web. Although similar to WhatsApp Web, there are significant differences.

Because it's cloud-based, you don't need Telegram online on your cellphone to be able to use Telegram PC and Telegram Web, gang.

Well, now Jaka wants to teach you how to use Telegram on a laptop or PC. Check it out!

1. Download Telegram for PC

  • Download the Telegram for PC application via the official Telegram website (// Adjust to the device you are using, well.

  • You can download version normal as well as version portable. Jaka suggests downloading the regular version.

Apps Social & Messaging Telegram LLC DOWNLOAD

Or via the following link:

Download Telegram for PC

  • Install as usual.

2. Create a Telegram Account

  • Open the app, then click on the blue button that says Start Messaging.
  • Enter your phone number along with the country area code. Make sure the number is correct as this step is important to verify the account.
  • The verification code will be sent via the Telegram application on your cellphone. You can also choose to send the code via SMS by selecting the option Send Code via SMS.
  • Enter the code for verification.

  • Voila! You can now use Telegram on PC.

How to Use Telegram Without an App (Web Telegram)

If your PC doesn't have the memory capacity anymore to install Telegram, you can use Telegram Web as an alternative. You only need a browser application and a stable internet connection.

  • Go to site // on your browser.

  • Enter the phone number you used to register for Telegram. After that click Next.

  • Telegram will send a confirmation code via the chat feature in the app. Enter the code to verify.

  • OK, okay! Very easy, right?

BONUS: How to Use Telegram to Watch Movies

As Jaka said before, besides how to use Telegram's unique features, you can also try how to use Telegram to watch dramas and movies.

Very interesting, right? With the capital of this chat application, you can watch the latest Korean dramas that are currently being played on going or the finished one, gang.

Then, how how to use Telegram to watch dramas and movies? Check out the following article to know the full tutorial, OK!

That's Jaka's article about how to use Telegram on HP, PC, or the Web. Hopefully this article makes you interested in using Telegram, gang!

See you again in other Jaka's interesting articles. Don't forget to leave a comment in the form of a comment in the column provided.

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