The best 4 types of cellphone glass screens, the strongest gorilla glass?

One of the important components on the HP is the screen. However, the screen is very sensitive to bumps and scratches. Therefore, it takes various types of strong glass. What are the types? Check it out in this article!

The HP screen that you are currently using is not strong and easy to crack? Then, what type of screen is the most suitable for you?

Smartphones are currently competing with each other to be the best, whether in terms of quality or the most affordable price. Well, one of the components to pay attention to is the glass screen technology.

You can find various types of glass on the cellphone screen, each of which has its advantages. What are the screen types?

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The Best Type of HP Glass Screen, This is the Most Powerful!

Smartphone is one of the gadgets that are most often carried because of its very important function. In addition to communicating, you can also do photography using only your cellphone.

This also resulted in many cases of HP falling or being hit, resulting in damage to some parts of the body. Especially if the impact on the screen made of glass.

Therefore, it takes the role of appropriate glass or protective technology to protect against collisions or blunt object scratches. Today, most of the glass used in smartphones is specialty glass.

This glass technology is able to provide protection against scratches to a certain impact. The types are also very diverse and developed by different companies.

What are the types of glass and which is the safest? Read more below:

1. Gorilla Glass

First is Gorilla Glass developed by Corning. This type of glass uses chemical reinforcing technology which is believed to produce thin and impact-resistant glass.

The manufacture of this glass utilizes an ion-exchange process that will strengthen the glass, then reheat it with a mixture of salt to reach a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius.

Currently, Gorilla Glass is in its sixth generation which was launched in 2018. The technology in Gorilla Glass 6 is able to withstand 15 falls in a height of one meter.

This glass is also designed by optimizing screen clarity and sensitive to touch. Don't forget also support for charging the battery directly wireless.

Gorilla Glass glass technology is used by dominant modern smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30, and others.

2. Dragontrail Glass

The next is Dragontrail Glass developed and manufactured by Asahi Glass Co. This glass is manufactured using technology alkali-aluminosilicate.

Just like Gorilla Glass, this glass is thin and resistant to certain impacts. Dragontrail Glass has a number of glass variants, including Dragontrail, Dragontrail X, and Dragontrail Pro.

To find out how strong this glass is, Jaka gives a calculation through Vickers hardness test.

Dragontrail Glass ranks 595 to 673 of all hard objects on earth. Although it is quite good in its use on HP, unfortunately this technology is very rarely used.

You can see the application of the glass on the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

3. Tempered Glass

Who is still unfamiliar with the name Tempered Glass this?

Jaka is sure you hear it often, gang. Especially when buying anti-scratch for the device. This glass technology was also used as a cellphone glass screen.

Tempered Glass has better strength than ordinary glass. However, this type of glass is more fragile than the other glass technologies on the list.

Tempered Glass is better known as an additional protection for HP which is quite good and has a relatively affordable price.

However, using this type of additional protection risks lowering the touch sensitivity of the screen. Especially the use on cellphones that have a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

4. Sapphire

Last is Sapphire or sapphire glass used on various premium devices. This type of glass is very expensive but has excellent resistance to impact and scratches.

The sapphire screen is made using a combination corundum which is melted with a number of sapphires, then heated to a temperature of 2200 degrees Celsius.

As a result, this glass will be very clear and strong with scratches. In fact, this type of glass is one of the hardest objects in the world besides diamonds and diamonds moissanite.

You can test the durability of this glass through an Apple Watch or HP HTC U Ultra.

Which is the Strongest HP Glass Screen?

Through the four types of glass used in cellphones, you can find out which glass is the strongest and which is the most 'durable'?

Sapphire must be the most powerful breed and resistant to scratches. However, the price offered to use this glass is very expensive.

Whereas, Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass compete with each other to create the best glass screen. Both have good resistance and relatively affordable prices.

Glass technology will continue to develop and become more sophisticated. In fact, now there is an issue that there will be a cellphone glass screen that can 'heal itself', aka it can return to normal after being hit by a scratch.

Quoted from The Guardian, this glass is made of polyether-thioureas developed by Professor Takuzo Aida of the University of Tokyo.

Unfortunately, this glass is still in development and has not been released commercially. Interesting right!

That's the best and strongest type of HP glass screen from impact. What kind of glass do you trust the most, gang?

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