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watch movie trinity traveler (2019) full movie

Trinity Traveler is a romantic comedy film that is spiced with traveling to 3 countries. Watch the movie Trinity Traveler (2019) full movie, let's go!

Romantic films do have their own magnet for film fans. Films such as Eggnoid and Molulo: A Match That Can't Be Forced can really make the audience feel excited.

The Trinity Traveler movie is one of the best romantic movie options to watch for those of you who like movies of this genre.

This film that raises the story of love from a different point of view tries to take a story that is different relatable same audience.

Synopsis of Trinity Traveler

This film is about life Trinity (Maudy Ayunda) who has a hobby of traveling and is studying Masters in the Philippines.

Even though he is studying for his master's degree, Trinity's hobby of traveling does not stop. He still often makes trips to unique and exciting places to get new experiences.

On the other hand, Trinity's parents urged her to get married soon because they thought that getting married would make Trinity happy.

Trinity meets Paul (Hamish David) who had felt like his partner but had to be separated because of fate.

In this film, you will be invited to explore the life and problems of Trinity who is stuck between fulfilling her parents' wishes, pursuing her passion, pursuing her love, or focusing on her career and future.

The problem in this film is that it is very relatable to the condition of most people today who have to make difficult choices among all the available options.

Trinity Movie Interesting Facts

  • This film is adapted from a blog written by Trinity entitled The Naked Traveler. The book, which was made from a collection of the author's travel stories, has become a bestseller.
  • This movie is the second installment of the trinity film series. Even though it's the second film, the director of this film said that this film is a stand-alone film, which means you don't have to watch the first film to understand the story.
  • The process of shooting in this film carried out in three countries. Because this film has a traveling theme, the shooting process is carried out in 3 countries, namely the Philippines, Maldives, and Indonesia.
  • Taking stories with problems that are close to society today. Many people have to make difficult choices such as pursuing their passion or working, getting married or doing other things first. These things are brought up in this film.

Watch Trinity Traveler Movie

TitleTrinity Traveler
ShowNovember 28, 2019
Duration1 hour 37 minutes
DirectorRizal Mantovani
CastMaudy Ayunda, Hamish Daud, Rachel Amanda, et al
GenreAdventure, Drama, Romance

For those of you who want to watch the Trinity Traveler movie, which airs in 2019, you can check the link below, gang!

>>>Watch Trinity Traveler (2019) Movie<<<

For those of you fans of romantic films, it's really mandatory to watch this one film. Several movie options that are currently showing in cinemas, such as Molulo: Unable to Be Compelled and Eggnoid are also interesting to watch.

This film with the theme of romance and traveling can make you forget your problems for a while with the visuals of the tourist attractions in this film.

Don't forget, the gang to click the link above and watch this movie!

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