how to solve "http url not found" indosat yellow

Are you a Yellow Indosat Package user and have you ever had problems with not being able to surf the internet? Here's how to solve http url not found on the Indosat network.

Yellow internet package is one of the daily package services from Indosat. This package offers low prices with abundant quotas. For a price of Rp. 1,500 you can get 1GB quota which is valid for 24 hours on all networks.

However, it turns out that many users experience problems when using this Yellow internet package. The problem is that it can't access the internet and appears http url not found. Calm down, Jaka knows the solution, here how to solve http url not found indosat Yellow.

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Here's an Easy Way to Overcome HTTP URL Not Found on Indosat Yellow Internet Packages

To solve http url not found Indosat is actually very easy guys. This problem can arise due to several reasons. Therefore, we have to confirm a few things first.

Step 1: Make Sure There's Still Internet Quota

The first step to overcome http url not found on the Yellow Indosat Internet Package is ensure internet quota we are still there. You can do this by opening the MyIm3 application. When we open this application we can see how much our remaining quota is and various other information.

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If it turns out that you have run out of quota, you can first buy the Yellow Internet package by accessing the code as shown below via your cellphone dial up. After that you will be given a confirmation SMS from 363. Reply OK to activate Indosat Yellow internet package.

Step 2: Go to Our Internet Settings

If the result turns out your quota is still available and you still can't surf, then the next step to overcome the yellow http url not found package is to open your internet network settings. This problem of not being able to surf is usually caused by APN settings that changed. To fix it, follow these steps:

  • First, open the settings menu on your android smartphone. After that select SIM & Networks. Next is to go to APNs menu.
  • Make sure the check mark is on the option ISAT WAP. The http url not found problem is usually caused because the APN settings are in the options ISAT BB INTERNET. The trick is to tap and put a check mark on ISAT WAP option.
  • After that, the last step to overcome http url not found is restart your smartphone to reset network settings. After turning on try to access the site through a browser or run other applications.

Well, that was guys tips how how to solve http url not found Indosat from Jake. If you are still experiencing the problem repeatedly, try to contact the Indosat call center to make sure. Hope it is useful!

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