save quota, this is how to stream music on youtube to mp3!

Want to listen to music on YouTube but are often distracted because you have to play the video? JalanTikus, there is a way to listen to music from YouTube without playing the video.

YouTube is widely used by its users to share a lot of their music. Someone made cover other people's songs, there are also those who share their original music videos.

Given the large and complete selection of music on YouTube, many users prefer to listen to music on YouTube rather than through other music player applications. In order to get the maximum, let's play music from YouTube in the background into MP3!

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How to Play Music from YouTube in Background

There are times when cool songs aren't on Spotify or JOOX, but on YouTube. To listen to music on YouTube with saving quota, let's stream music on YouTube to MP3! So later you can play music from YouTube at background.

Y Music, Music Player App from YouTube!

Different from the app streaming popular music such as Spotify and JOOX, on YouTube you can find new songs cover creative musicians with ease. Hence, to be able to play music from YouTube on background, please Download Y Music APK.

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  • After application Y Music installed, please immediately open the application. Just choose skip if you don't want to watch a video tutorial on how to use it.
  • As soon as you enter, you will be instantly blown away by the interface Y Music is simple and easy to understand. So even if it's the first time you use it, you know what to do.
  • On tab Search Online, you can search what song you want to listen to. Because it is integrated with YouTube, the search results are based on YouTube. You can directly play the music that is displayed without playing the video.
  • Not just playing music streaming, you can also download existing music.
  • When playing music from YouTube using Y Music, you can still use other applications smoothly. So calm down, when a notification comes in or wants to updates on social media, the music you listen to from YouTube will continue to run on background.

How's that, is it fun? Not only can it be used to play music from YouTube in the Android background, Y Music can also be used to download MP3s from YouTube. So it saves more quota. Cool, right?