without app! how to improve android performance using secret features

By relying on developer options, you can activate hidden features, one of which is the Force 4x MSAA hidden feature that you can activate to improve smartphone performance. Curious? Check out Jaka's review below, OK!

On the menu settings Android smartphone, you will find a menu developer options. Maybe you don't know that this developer option is very useful for your purposes debugging or even testing and other necessities. By relying on developer options, you can enable hidden features that are very useful.

One of which is hidden features of Force 4x MSAA which you can activate to improve the performance of your smartphone. Although this doesn't have such a big effect, according to Jaka, it's really felt when it's being used to play games. At first it wasn't smooth, be smooth lol. Curious? Check out Jaka's review below, OK!

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No Application! How to Improve Android Performance Using Secret Features

  • Go to Settings

The first step, please enter the menu settings or settings your smartphone, then go to About Phone or About Mobile.

  • Build Number or Form Number

Then search information software search options build number. Because every smartphone is different, sometimes in the form of formation number.

If you have found it, please touch up to 5 times. The real goal is to enable Developer Options. If developer options are active, then no need touch build number.

  • Open Developer Options

After that, come back automatic there will be a Developer Options menu, so please just go in. Well, herein lies the hidden features of your smartphone!

  • Scroll Down, Look For Option Force 4x MSAA

In Developer Options there are indeed a lot of options, but you don't need to get confused. You just need to search Option Force 4x MSAA.

Well, once you find the option Force 4x MSAA, then the next step is to activate the menu by click to tick.

If you have reached this stage, congratulations! Now you have found the hidden features on your smartphone to improve performance. Just play the game according to your taste. But, need you remember ya don't always activate Force 4x MSAA because it will drain smartphone battery faster. So, Jaka's advice is to activate it when you want to play the game only.

That's how to improve Android performance using hidden features without apps. For those of you who are curious, please try it so that playing game activities become smoother and more exciting.