7 best android offline games 2017

So, what are the best Android offline games this year? Check out the review of the 7 best Android offline games in 2017.

The game is very popular with all people. Even without the internet, games still have a high selling value for players mobile gamers, where when playing the game it is not necessary to use the quota you have at the same time. Usually this is based on the lack of costs in buying excess quota to play games. However, there are also those who choose games offline, because I prefer games with modes single player.

Even in 2017, offline games are still being hunted by Android gamers, from racing, adventure, to casual genres. So, what are the best offline games this year? Check out the review of the 7 Best Android Offline Games 2017 below.

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7 Best Android Offline Games 2017

1. 32 Secs

Adapting futuristic movie-style motorcycle racing TRON, 32 Secs seems to be a game that must be downloaded for game fans racing. You will be taken to the atmosphere of a future race track that is also scattered with modern vehicles.

Here you are required to be speeding by driving a motorbike with modern technology. On the track while speeding, you'll also have to dodge other vehicles that are there. Even so, the controls presented are quite simple, you just need swipe right or left to turn, up to activate nitro, and down to brake. Besides that, you can also upgrade your 'iron horse' with coins earned while playing.

2. Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth

Replaying the success of the previous game, Upopa Games released the sequel to the new game Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth. Still carrying the same model from the second game, you will act as a cute yellow creature who navigates the bowels of the earth with a mining cart.

The journey of this little creature will be blocked by ferocious monsters ready to attack and traps in every path. You have to survive by exterminating them using weapons that you can upgrade to become stronger. In addition to weapons, here you can also upgrade your mining cart to become stronger and have defensive armor.

3. Dawnbringer

RPG, HD graphics and offline ?

Cheer up fans RPG, because all those things are in the game Dawnbringer. As a knight, you must maintain the balance of the world in the game, by destroying the monsters who are trying to rule the world.

Like RPG games in general, you have to complete each quest exists to complete the in-game story. Of course you can too upgrade characters in this game. Then the control during the battle that this game brings is also quite easy, you only need to swipe right and left to attack the monsters that are your opponents.

4. Ookujira: Giant Whale Rampage

If you've ever played the game Rampage on the console PlayStation, of course you can easily adapt to this one game. Different from Rampage who did the trouble, here you have to save the world with a whale. Yes, you will take this whale to the city center and go on a rampage to destroy the evil alien robots.

Here you really have to 'rage' to your heart's content by destroying alien robots, buildings, and anything you can with the biggest creatures on earth. You can also take advantage of IAP to buy whale costumes, starting from appearances and power ups.


5. Flip Diving

Tired of the same games? That means you have to try this one game. Flip Diving lift beautiful jumping into a pocket game that is quite fun to play. Of course you can immediately understand it, where your job is to make your character jump 'beautifully' using various styles.

It's easy to play, you just have to do it tap and hold on the character to be able to make jumps in various styles. You can vary the style of the jump by buying it using coins. In addition you can also buy new characters and places. What's also interesting in this game, when you fail to jump and kill your character, it will make you laugh out loud.

6. Hungry Shark World

Back to the question of fish, this game you may have seen or maybe you have already played. Hungry Shark World become the latest sequel of the game Hungry Shark predecessor. Still playing the role of vicious sharks, you will be presented with many new, more exciting looks and features.

As a predator, you have to prey on other creatures, which in this version are much more diverse. Not only in the sea, you can also push beyond the surface to eat land and air creatures. However, you also have to avoid the attacks of hunters and soldiers who want to destroy you. Here you will also feel the fun of being Megalodon, the largest prehistoric shark on earth.

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7. Justice League Action Run

It's incomplete if you don't include the game running on this list. This time the Super hero from comics DC will run to defeat the criminals who do mischief. Not just one, but at the same time three superheroes you can play to complete each one stage.

Not only running, you will also perform gliding, flying, shooting actions all over 150 levels available in the game. You can too level up each hero by using the coins you earn. In addition you can also make changes to costumes, weapon upgrades, and super powers. The funny thing is that in this game, you will not find fast runner superhero characters, namely The Flash. Maybe if you present it, you can't feel the game, because the hero runs too fast.

Yes, those were the 7 best offline Android games 2017. So which one is your favourite? Include it in the comments column below!