7 wifi functions you may have never tried

In addition to transmitting internet signals, it turns out that there is a WiFi function that many people may not know about!

Of course, the WiFi function in your home is mostly used only to transmit the network to the smartphones and laptops you use. In fact, there are actually several other benefits of a WiFi signal that will help your life too.

If you don't know what WiFi features you can use for your daily life, this time StreetRat will share it with you. But don't you ever use this feature on a free WiFi network. Because there is These 5 Dangerous Things When Using Free WiFi.

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WiFi Functions You've Probably Never Tried

1. Sync HP to Laptop Without Cable

If in the past you had to use a USB cable if you wanted to transfer data from a smartphone to a laptop or vice versa, now you can use WiFi as an intermediary. You are enough todownload various applications available on Google Play, such as WiFi File Explorer, Dazzboard, Awesome Drop, Xender, and many more.

2. Turn Your Smartphone Into Remote Control

Using an existing WiFi connection, you can turn your smartphone into a remote for your PC and laptop. It's very easy, you stay download just application Gmote on Google Play. Well, how to run it, you can read How to Control a Computer Via HP.

3. Print Without Cable

If you have a printer that provides features wireless using a WiFi signal, it means you can send data to your printer to print directly. That's great, right, you canprint while lazy on the mattress without having to plug in any cables.

4. Transfer Photos from Digital Camera

Transferring photos from digital cameras to smartphones or computers and laptops does take extra effort, especially if your camera doesn't have a WiFi feature. Fortunately, now there is an SD Card that already has WiFi build-in in it you know! SD Card named Eye-Fi Mobi this will be access point alias hot spot which you can connect to your smartphone and laptop or computer to transfer data.

5. Share Data from Computer to Other Computer

If you're working with your friends in a room with the same WiFi network, there's an easy way to transfer files. One of them is by using the DropBox application which automatically changes the mode of sending data over WiFi if your computer and your friends are in the same WiFi network.

6. Connect Smartphone to Speaker

You can also use a WiFi network to connect your smartphone or laptop to the speaker. What is clear, make sure first if your speaker supports WiFi network, yes. Indeed, currently there are still a few speakers that already have the WiFi feature in them.

7. Screen Mirroring from Smartphone to Laptop

Finally, you can use a WiFi signal to display the display on your smartphone screen to a laptop or PC. You just need to use a few additional applications to display the appearance of your smartphone to a laptop or PC, such as AirDroid, Mobizen, and others.

Those are some of the functions of the WiFi signal that are also useful for your activities. But it turns out there's also 5 WiFi Functions on Smartphones That Are Rarely Used. Don't forget to read it, so that your life will be easier.