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3 ways to get Telkomsel free quota 2020

How to get a free Telkomsel 2020 quota, you must try so you can surf non-stop with a fast network! Check out the explanation here!

How to get Telkomsel's free quota is apparently much sought after by users of this one cellular operator, gang.

Indeed, until now, Telkomsel is still one of the most popular cellular operators in Indonesia. You're also one of his loyal users, right?

Apart from offering a stable network, Telkomsel's internet package options are also very diverse. Of course, you can buy whichever one suits your needs.

But, don't you know? In addition to buying an internet package, it turns out that you can also get a free Telkomsel quota, you know!

Curious, right? Calm down, Jaka will tell how to get Telkomsel free quota 2020 for you. Come on, just look at the explanation below!

How to Get the Latest Free Telkomsel Quota 2020

Just checked the Telkomsel quota, you know it's run out, gang? Duh, you must be stuck because you can't surf the internet, right? But calm down! You can get free quota, you know!

For those of you who don't know how to get Telkomsel's 2020 free quota, just follow the steps that Jaka explains below!

1. How to Get 30GB Telkomsel Free Quota

Getting a free 30GB quota feels like a dream! That's a lot, right? Lucky for those of you who use Telkomsel, because this operator provides 30GB quota for free!

Unfortunately, this 30GB free quota has been replaced with a paid package as of June 1, 2020. However, you can still get cheap Telkomsel quota, you know! Check, come on!

Step 1 - Install MyTelkomsel Application

  • Download and install My Telkomsel app first. If you don't have it, you can download the My Telkomsel application at the link below.
Telkomsel Productivity Apps DOWNLOAD
  • Once installed, open the My Telkomsel application. Then, login using an active Telkomsel number.

Step 2 - Select the 'Shop' Menu

  • After logging in, click Shop. Then, select Education.
  • Select menu Teacher's room or Sciencepedia what you want. The price is also very affordable, starting from only Rp. 1,000. After selecting the package, press the button Buy.

Step 3 - Done

  • The Ruangguru or Sainspedia package that you bought earlier will be activated immediately after you receive the SMS notification.

Well, that's how to get free quota on My Telkomsel as much as 30GB for RuangGuru, and 30GB for Sainspedia.

Unfortunately, the way to get a free quota on MyTelkomsel was to get a 30GB quota is not valid since the end of May 2020.

However, you can still enjoy the Ruangguru and Ilmupedia Telkomsel packages at affordable prices for access to various learning applications online.

2. How to Get Free Telkomsel Quota with ROLi

You can also get free Telkomsel quota every month with the ROLi application. Just follow the steps below and you will get a free 300MB quota.

Step 1 - Install the ROLi App

  • First, download and install the application ROLi. You can also download the application via the following link.
Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD
  • Once installed, open the application. Click Sign Up, then fill in your personal data and Telkomsel number.
  • You will receive an SMS containing Verification code. Enter the code in the column provided, then click Verify.

Step 2 - Fill in 'Interest'

  • After that you will be asked to fill in Interest. Fill in according to your interest. Then click Save.

Step 3 - Give App Permission

  • A notification will appear that this application requires your permission. Give permission by clicking Allow.
  • On page Notification Access, there is a menu ROLi in a position Disable. Change to Enable.

Step 4 - Click on 'Lock Screen' Menu

  • Back to the ROLi application, now you can open the main page. Click Menu which is in the lower right corner to access several other menus.
  • Click menu Lock Screen. Without lingering, immediately select the menu.

Step 5 - Select Lock Screen

  • You can see a selection of lock screen wallpapers, just choose the one that suits your taste.
  • Make sure the lock screen on the cellphone has been replaced with the ROLi lock screen.
  • Reopen the main page of the ROLi application and you are done. You just have to wait for 30 days. After that, you will get a free quota of 300 MB.

Very easy, right? Even though it's not much, this way to get Telkomsel's free quota can get you additional quota for any access, gang.

Then, if the quota suddenly runs out, you can immediately register for Telkomsel's emergency internet quota and pay it later after you top up the next credit.

3. How to Get Free Telkomsel Quota with Code

In addition, there is also Xara to get Telkomsel's free quota without the 2020 application. To try it, you only need to enter Telkomsel free quota code in the Phone menu.

For the code, you can see in the table below. Then, type in the Phone or Dial Up menu, then press call with your Telkomsel number.

However, this method of getting free Tsel 2020 quota does not necessarily work. Even so, there is no harm in trying this method. Who knows lucky, right?

Well, that was how to get Telkomsel free quota 2020 which you can try on HP easily and quickly, gang.

With Telkomsel's free quota, of course you can save more on expenses that you can spend on buying quotas.

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