7 magic features of cellphones that we need in the future, will the internet be without quota?

In your opinion, what new features will be present in smartphones? ApkVenue has a list of some features that we will need in the future!

In the last decade, the features in smartphones have become more sophisticated and can make our lives easier.

Therefore, we can hope that in the future there will be more and more interesting features that will be on smartphones.

This time, Jaka will love you Seven smartphone features we'll need in the future! Do you think it will come true or not?

Future HP Features

When Martin Cooper invented the mobile phone in the 70s, he just wanted to make it easier for us to communicate with each other.

Over time, the function of mobile phones is getting wider. Ranging from entertainment to productive activities can be done through mobile phones.

The proof is in our hands today. However, that does not mean innovation will stop here, gang!

Jaka tries to imagine what features will be present in the next few years. Anything?

1. Under Screen Camera

Photo source: The Verge

Now is the era where smartphones have screens bezeless. The screen-to-body ratio is almost 100%.

This causes notch once popular will become stale. In fact, the front camera was removed and made into a model pop-up.

In the future, smartphone with camera pop-up will also be outdated, gang. They will be replaced with under screen camera!

There are several manufacturers who are rumored to be developing this technology, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, to Oppo.

2. Motion or Solar Charging

Photo source: Verywell Fit

One of the main problems for smartphone owners is the battery that runs out quickly. Therefore, it takes features that will make the battery last longer.

An example of a solution that could be present in the future is motion based charging we. So, smartphones will be able to convert our movements as energy for the battery.

Not only that, there are also those who make concepts charging using the sun's heat. When you're low-batt, we just stand in the hot sun to charge it.

These methods will certainly be very useful when we are not carrying charger or power bank.

3. Controlled by Mind

Photo source: NEXT Conference

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the public, he said we were awarded stylus best, namely our fingers.

By using our fingers, we can operate the smartphone very easily. Is there an easier way than using your fingers? There are dong.

Imagine, we can control your smartphone using only your mind we! We can open apps, reply to messages, or watch YouTube with just our thoughts.

This system is very likely to be created even though it takes quite a long time to become a reality.

In addition, of course we need a tool that is able to transmit our thoughts to the device in our hands.

Other HP Features . . .

4. Change Color

Photo source: Tom's Guide

When buying a cellphone, usually we can only choose one color for a lifetime. If you feel bored, we outsmart it by using case.

Jaka imagines that in the future, there will be smartphone manufacturers that make features for users change smartphone color us, gang.

Not only colors, we can replace them by using interesting pictures that we like.

If this feature really becomes a reality, it could be the manufacturer who sells it case HP can go bankrupt!

5. Display Hologram

Photo source: Quertime

Remember the scene of Tony Stark finding a way to time travel in the movies Avengers: Endgame? We can see the hologram of the Mobius tape that is the key time travel.

Well, in the next few years we can make our smartphone as a smartphone hologram projector, gang! The hologram will appear from our screen.

Imagine if this hologram feature really existed, it would be really cool. We can see the view Google Street View in real.

Not only that, this hologram feature can also make teaching activities more interesting and easy to understand, especially biology lessons in the reproductive chapter.

6. Scanner Food

Photo source: Stylus

There are many applications that can help those of us who want to lose weight. One of them is a food calorie counter application.

How it works is a bit complicated, where we have to enter the name of the food manually to find out the calories it contains. If the food has a barcode, it can be more practical.

Well, in the future there should be an easier way. We just need to point the camera at the food, then there is a feature that will do it scanning automatic.

If these features really exist, dieting activities can be even more measurable!

7. Internet Without Quota

Photo source: Kaspersky Lab

The last feature that ApkVenue is sure will be everyone's dream is internet without quota. With this feature, we don't have to worry about running out of internet quota.

Just now, a lot tech hack that can get us connected to the internet for free, although most of them are illegal.

It's just that if this feature really exists, internet providers will object because it is detrimental to them.

Among the features on this list, this one seems to be the most difficult to implement!

Behind the optimism that new features will always appear, there is a kind of concern that we will soon enter the dark era of technology.

This era came when technological innovation had reached its peak, so there was nothing new to offer.

What do you think, gang? Write in the comments column, yes!

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