how to find someone's location via internet

Generally, how to find out someone's location via the internet is done by hackers. Want to know how? Let's see more!

Internet is technology most multifunctional at the moment. You can listen to songs, edit photos, watch movies, etc track location somebody.

Yes, there's nothing wrong with that. Through the internet, it turns out that you can track someone's location secretly. Generally this is done by security cyber or hacker. Want to know how to find someone's location via the internet? Let's see!

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How to Find Someone's Location Through the Internet

Photo source: Photo: IP Tracer

This method of secretly tracking someone's location is named IP Tracer. As the name implies, here you need the **IP address"* of the target you are after. Easily, you can follow these steps directly.


1. Step 1 (Android Only)

Especially for you Android users, download and install an application called "Terminal". You can download via following link:

Apps Developer Tools Jack Palevich DOWNLOAD

2. Step 2

Make sure you can interact with the victim directly "Real Time" Through the internet. It means real time is like chatting via Facebook and Whatsapp or it can be video call through Skype.

3. Step 3

For you Windows users, go to "Command Prompt". While you are an Android user, open the app "Terminal". If you have given this command "netstat -an", then specify the IP address that occurs most frequently in the column "Foreign Address".

Step 4

Visit site "IP Tracer" below, then enter IP address earlier. So the result is as follows.

Visit:IP Tracer Site

Weaknesses of knowing someone's location via the internet This is if your victim's IP address turns out to bemask. But generally rarely the person masking the IP address. Good luck!

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