make the sound of your cellphone's built-in speaker booming without capital

Most low-end smartphones have low-quality built-in speakers. Well, Jaka will give you a trick to make the sound of your cellphone's built-in speakers booming without capital.

Most smartphones on the market today, especially those that are cheap, usually have built-in speakers that tend to be of low quality. The volume level is also limited. Well, this time Jaka will give you a trick to make the sound of your cellphone's built-in speakers booming without capital.

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In this article, Jaka wants to tell you how to make a simple speaker that can make your smartphone sound louder, without having to spend money. The ingredients are easy to get, and of course the method is very easy to make. Here are the steps.

Steps for Making Cool Speakers Without Capital

Tools and materials

First, you first prepare the necessary tools and materials.

  • Thick cardboard paper with A4 . size
  • duct tape
  • Scissors and Cutter
  • Whiteboard marker
  • Two plastic cups

Ways of making

  • Roll up thick cardboard to form a tube with a diameter of about 3 cm, then glue it with masking tape.
  • Mark the center of the scroll according to the size of your HP. Then make a hole with cutter, then trim with scissors.
  • Mark the center of the plastic cup according to the diameter of the cardboard roll. Then make a hole with cutter or scissors.

  • Cut the edge of the cardboard into a rectangle. Adjust the size to the inside of the plastic cup.

  • Insert both ends of the cardboard paper roll into the holes in the plastic cups that we made earlier.

  • You can also use glue or tape to glue the cardboard rolls with plastic cups to make them stronger.

  • So, come on. You just insert your cellphone into the hole in the middle of the cardboard. Now the music from your cellphone will sound much louder.

The function of the plastic cup on this tool is as a loudspeaker alias loudspeaker. So, the sound from your built-in speaker will flow through the cardboard tube, then into the plastic cup for a louder sound. If the steps that Jaka wrote above are still unclear, there's no need to be confused. Jaka has made a special cool video for you.