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watch ghost writer (2019) full movie

Curious about horror films with a touch of comedy and drama? Come on, watch the Ghost Writer (2019) movie with Indonesian subtitles here! (Full Movie)

Horror films never seem to lose their fans. It is evident from the number of Indonesian films that carry the horror genre.

One of the horror films that was crowded in Indonesia was the film Ghost Writer which was released in June 2019. The reason, this film also carries the genre of drama and comedy.

Curious as to what the story of the director's debut Ghost Writer will be Bene Dion and producer Ernest Prakasa this? Come on, see the following article.

Ghost Writer (2019) Movie Synopsis

Naya (Tatjana Saphira) is a new writer whose first work sold well in the market. However, the success of the book makes demands publisher getting heavier.

On the other hand, Naya's sister named Darto is in the process of entering a new school. The demand for a large fee makes Naya have to rack her brain.

In search of inspiration for their new book, Naya and Darto move to a new house. Naya then finds an old diary in the attic of the house.

Naya then touched the book and was surprised at what was in front of her. He met a ghost who during his life used to write the diary.

The ghost of the owner of the book was then summoned "Mas Satan" (The Ultimate Ge) by Naya. The two of them then made a pact.

Naya may write a book based on the story in the diary as long as she does not violate the agreement.

What agreement did Naya and Mas Satan make? For more details, continue to follow Jaka's article below, gang.

Interesting Facts about Ghost Writer (2019)

In order to foster your curiosity about this film, Jaka wants to tell you some interesting facts from the Ghost Writer film, which are as follows.

  • Unlike mainstream horror films, Ghost Writer actually presents a comedy horror film with a little romantic story spiced.

  • Ghost Writer is his directorial debut Bene Dion and scriptwriter Nonny Boenawan.

  • This film is also the first horror film starring Tatjana Sapphira.

  • For the sake of playing Mas Satan, Ultimate Ge spent 2 hours just for Make-up.

Nonton Film Ghost Writer (2019) Full Movie

TitleGhost Writer
Show4 June 2019
Duration1 hour 37 minutes
DirectorBene Dion Rajagukguk
CastTatjana Saphira, Ge Ultimate, Deva Mahenra
GenreComedy, Drama, Horror
RatingNot available (RottenTomatoes.com)

6.8/10 (IMDb.com)

After reading the synopsis, interesting facts, and also watching the trailer above, surely you can't wait to watch the Ghost Writer (2019) movie, right?

You don't have to worry, gang. Jaka has prepared a link for those of you who really want to watch the Ghost Writer (2019) movie below.

>>>Watch Ghost Writer (2019) Full Movie<<<

That's Jaka's article about the Ghost Writer film which was released in June 2019. Even though it's a bit scary, the comedy in it is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

What other films would you like to see? Write your answer in the comments column, yes, gang. See you again in another Jaka article!

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