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7 of the best short-lived anime, perfect for your busy schedule!

Are you so busy that you can't keep up with the excitement of anime movies? Just calm down! The following is a list of the best short anime that you can follow anytime and anywhere.

Who here really likes anime? Let's raise!

From day to day, the number of exciting anime that entertains is getting more and more varied. Various genres are also presented, from action to romance or comedy, they are all there!

Well, the thing is, some recommendations best anime movies it has a long duration. Not infrequently, for those of you who are busy on weekdays, you will be tired if you follow a series of films or series one by one.

But don't worry! Jaka has a recommendation 7 of the best short anime. Guaranteed to be suitable for those of you who need a short but entertaining spectacle in the midst of busy studies or work.

Curious about anything? Instead of lingering, let's look at the following search!

Best Short Anime

1. Miss Monochrome (2013)

This anime series was released in 2013. It has a duration of only 4 minutes per episode, a total of 39 episodes divided into 3 seasons

Miss Nonochrome tells the story of a girl who hates any light color except black and white.

That's why, every time, wherever he goes, he always only wears black and white clothes. Through a series of conflicts, this monochrome girl begins to open up to colors, including the colors of life.

2. Ketsuekigata-kun (2013)

Who doesn't know this anime series? For those of you who like to discuss personality based on blood type, this anime is for you.

Is one of the funniest anime series, this anime has a duration of 2 minutes in each episode. In total there are 48 episodes divided into 4 seasons.

Ketsuekigata-kun tells the story of the interaction between blood types that is guaranteed to be fun and hilarious. In addition, information about each blood type is summarized in full here.

3. Tonari no Seki-kun (2014)

This anime has a duration 7 minutes per episode, with a total of 21 episodes in just one season.

Toshinari Seki tells the story of a schoolboy who spends his time making various creative objects. He also managed to create unique objects.

Once made as a live action anime in 2015, this anime series is perfect for adding creative inspiration.

4. Recorder to Randoseru Do (2012)

This anime series only lasts for 3 minutes per episode, where a total of 38 episodes divided into 3 seasons.

This anime tells the story of an 11-year-old boy who grows much taller than his peers. No kidding, the height reaches 180 cm!

Nevertheless, he always experiences unique and hilarious events because of his unusual height. This series can be watched on various Indonesian-language anime watching sites for free.

5. Teekyu (2013)

One of the best sports anime series this one lasts approx 2 minutes per episode, with a total of 74 episodes divided into 7 seasons.

Well, the unique thing about this anime is that the story has almost no plot. You will be presented with a group of girls who often spend time together and play sports.

But here is the exciting moment. Teekyu lets your imagination process the storyline so it's fun and hilarious. Suitable for those of you who need a short and light show.

6. Yama no Susume (2018)

This anime has a duration 3 minutes only with a total of 36 episodes divided into 2 seasons. This anime series tells the story of four friends who like adventure.

You will be presented with a variety of exciting adventures that they do, especially in exploring the vast nature of Japan.

Although this anime will not suit you who like to watch the best fantasy anime because it's a little boring, but it doesn't hurt to watch it.

7. Danchigai (2015)

This anime is arguably one of the best anime for the past decade. Danchiagi duration 3 minutes per episode, where a total of 1 episode which only has 1 season.

Danchigai is about a boy who has four siblings. No kidding, all of them are girls!

So you can imagine how complicated the life of the guy who lives with his four siblings is. But therein lies the fun and humor that emerges and colors their lives.

Those are the 7 best short anime that can accompany your weekdays. What do you think. What do you think, gang?

Come on, don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below. See you in the next Jala article!

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