4 easy ways to safely clean smartphone screens

Smartphone screens that we touch all the time can be a breeding ground for bacteria. But don't worry, ApkVenue has tips on how to safely clean the smartphone screen.

Smartphone screen What we touch all the time can become a breeding ground for bacteria if we don't clean it. Cleaning the smartphone screen also shouldn't be careless, because we could damage the components on the smartphone. We have to be careful so that our smartphones can last.

This time Jaka wants to give you tips about how to clean smartphone screen safely. There are several things you should avoid to keep your smartphone safe.

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Here are 4 Ways to Clean Your Smartphone Screen Safely

You have to clean your smartphone screen regularly. Because in addition to cleanliness, it will also make your screen look better and last longer.

From using the equipment around you to sophisticated objects, here are some ways to safely clean your smartphone screen that you can try.

1. Use Soft Cloth

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First, make sure you clean the smartphone screen with a soft and smooth cloth. In this step you can use microfiber cloth which can be found at HP accessories stores. Oh yes, don't forget to avoid paper-based cleaners such as toilet paper or facial tissue.

Why? Because these materials have a fairly rough material, so it could be scratch on the smartphone screen that you are using guys.

2. Best Cleaning Liquid : WATER

The water in question is plain water or pure water which does not have a mixture of other ingredients. You should avoid using liquids containing chemicals such as alcohol. Liquids like that can actually damage your smartphone screen.

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Some types of smartphone screens have a special coating that can be damaged or eroded if exposed to liquids containing hazardous chemicals. Important! Don't spray water on the screen directly. Spray water on cloth microfiber just wipe it on the smartphone screen.


3. Special Cleaning Kits

You can also use cleaning packages for gadgets that you can find at smartphone accessories stores. Content of cleaning kit of course it has been specifically designed for smartphones, so it is safer. Each package usually contains cleaning fluid and a soft cloth.

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In the market itself you can get cleaning kit This gadget is quite affordable. By spending less than 100 thousand, you can already take it home anyway!


4. UV rays

claiming to be a sultan? It seems that you have to buy this one tool to clean your entire smartphone! Well, you can try using a special tool called Phone Soap.

This tool can clean the screen as well as the entire body of your smartphone from various bacteria. Besides that, you can also while charging smartphone you while cleaning. No need to worry about running out of battery, right?

Well that was 4 ways to safely clean the smartphone screen which you can try yourself. From now on you should not carelessly use cleaning tools. Make sure to use something that is safe and doesn't damage your smartphone!

good luck guys.

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