this app can turn you into any character

This application can make you into any character you want with only a webcam or front camera of your smartphone. Curious? Let's see, gang!

Almost everyone has fantasized about being someone else. Whether it's movie characters, famous people, anime characters, maybe even some who fantasize about being a dragon.

Now, FaceRig is an application that can make your dreams come true to be any character you want with a webcam or front camera of your smartphone.

But don't get me wrong, gang. FaceRig doesn't make you a real person, but you can create any 3-dimensional avatar you want and use it like Apple's Animoji.

For more details, see the article below, gang!

What is FaceRig?

FaceRig is an application that allows you to become any 3D character you want digitally by using a webcam for laptops and PCs, or a front camera for smartphones.

You can choose the avatars that are provided by default by FaceRig. However, they are limited in number and cannot becustomize as you wish.

If you want to use an avatar that you like, you can create your own or import someone else's.

Avatars that you create with FaceRig you can use in video chat applications and streaming with webcams, such as Skype, Twitch, Chatroulette, Omegle, and others.

In addition, this application is compatible with the format Live2D, which is an animation program that allows the display of 2D character models to be 3D.

The combination of FaceRig and Live2D allows you to become an anime character created with Live2D software. You can become your favorite anime character, gang!

Details and Specifications

FaceRig for PC Platform

FaceRig was originally only designed to be used on the PC platform. You can buy FaceRig on Steam for a price Rp115,999 for the Classic version.

You can also upgrade FaceRig to Pro version by digging into your pocket again as big as Rp425.999.

Even so, there is actually no technical difference at all between the Classic and Pro versions. It's just that, you can choose a more diverse collection of FaceRig in the Pro version.

Content Creators (Youtubers, streamers, etc.) who earn above USD 500 or around Rp. 7.2 million, must use FaceRig Pro.

This system, if you think about it, is a bit like cross-subsidies, gangs. Those who have more money pay more than those who earn less.

By using FaceRig Pro, you will get an ad-free experience. Sometimes, right, advertisements really annoy you, gang.

OSWindows 7 or later
ProcessorIntel Core i3-3220 or equivalent
Memory2GB RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GT220 or equivalent
Additional RequirementsWebcam with a minimum resolution of 480p and 30 FPS


PriceRp115.999 (Classic)

FaceRig for Android Platform

No need to worry if you want to use FaceRig but don't have a PC or don't want to spend money to buy it.

FaceRig is also available for the Android platform, you know. Unfortunately, you can't find it on the Google Play Store yet. But don't worry, you can download it for free below.

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

Same as version Steam, you have to pay tounlock other cool avatars that you can use on FaceRig Android.

The Android version of FaceRig doesn't require high specs and doesn't require advanced face sensors like the Animoji on the iPhone X.

Even though it only uses a smartphone camera, this application has a very good sensor, gang. You can also use the front camera of a smartphone with any specifications.

Unfortunately, FaceRig for Android has limitations where this application cannot capture expressions quickly, aka a bit delay. But, overall That's great, gang!

Most Popular Avatars on FaceRig

Previously, Jaka explained what FaceRig is and how to use it, now Jaka wants to tell you which avatars are used by famous YouTubers.

1. Doge

Those of you who often browse 9GAG must be familiar with meme character this one. This cute Shiba Inu character is really cute, gang!

In addition, this Doge avatar is also used and popularized by YouTube streamers with the username TheOneManny and became an icon on his channel.

No less, a Facebook Gaming streamer from Indonesia with a page name ZEGO also uses this FaceRig and makes the audience excited.

2. Linda Meilinda

His face is very familiar, huh, gang? Apparently, Linda Meilinda is the main character in the horror game made in Indonesia, DreadOut.

You can get Linda's avatar by downloading the DreadOut DLC for free, gang!

3. Candidate Don

Wow, it turns out that you can also be Donald Trump, you know. You can get this avatar of the President of the United States by downloading the free DLC FaceRig Political Avatars.

4. Fluffo

Fluffo is a Red Panda who becomes FaceRig app mascot, gang. Fluffo itself is the default avatar that you will automatically get when you use FaceRig.

5. Live2D Hibiki

Hibiki is one of the collaboration avatars between FaceRig and Live2D that you can get. Instead of fighting waifu with someone else, better make it waifu your own dream, gang!

Thus Jaka's article about FaceRig that allows you to become a 3D character that you like. Are you interested in using this application?

Write your thoughts in the comments column, OK!

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