8 secret tricks to get cheap data packages for all operators

Did you know that in fact you can still get offers for packages that are cheaper than the packages offered? Check how in this article

The lifeblood of smartphones is the Internet. Therefore, we always rely on the data packages offered by each company provider because the tariff is definitely still much cheaper than the regular rate. To get a package, we usually access the service menu on our respective channel numbers provider. For example, *123# for Axis and *363# for Sympathy.

However, did you know that in fact you can still get cheaper packages from the packages offered by the service menu? Here are some ways.

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8 Secret Tricks to Get Cheap Data Packages for All Operators

1. Telkomsel Data Package - *550* for Telkomsel

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Usually, the service menu for buying Internet packages at Simpati is *363#. However, Telkomsel also has a secret menu that offers various package rates that are much more economical. You can access the menu from the number *550*790#, *550*890#, *550*910#, *550*912#, *550*300#, or *550*777#. Try each one and see which one you managed to access.

Later you will get a choice of packages that you can choose at will. Then, you will get a confirmation SMS that reads, _ Sorry, you cannot enjoy this package because your number is not registered. _ Don't worry, you can still get it. The trick, just reply to the SMS with the text FLASH YES. Not long after, the package you selected will be active immediately.

2. Indosat Data Package - QB200K2 for Indosat


Not only cheap, Indosat even distributes free Internet packages to its customers in a secret way. It's easy, you just send SMS to number 363 with writing QB200K2. If successful, you will get a regular quota of 8.5 GB plus 5.5 GB for use from 01.00 to 09:00, and free WhatsApp use until 2035.

You can enjoy all these benefits for 3 months. But be careful, before the 3 month maturity, you must deactivate the package. Otherwise, the package will be automatically renewed at a rate of Rp119,000.

3. XL Cheap Data Package - Setting APN for XL Internet Free


Free internet is not only available for Indosat customers. XL also offers the same thing. To get it, you need to change go to menu Settings on your gadget. Turn on WiFi, then go to Network and select menu Access Point. Press the button Options and create a new APN with the following data:

Name : XL Unlimited


APN : internet

Also change settings homepage you automatically become // When finished, open your browser and visit the website to start surfing. For Mozilla, changing the settings can be done via the menu Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > then just fill in Proxy and Port Manually.

4. Loop Cheap Data Package - Special Secret Package for Loop


For Simpati Loop or LOOP cards, the normal Internet package tariff is IDR 20,000 for a 2GB quota. However, if you dial dial *232# then select menu number 3, then you will get some cheaper package offers. If you can't dial to the number, try to send SMS to 2323 with writing USU/UIN/UNRI/UNPAD CAMPUS. Even if you are not the student in question, you can be lucky enough to get the cheap package.

There's one more number dial The secret for the Loop card special cheap package is at *567*3*1*1*2*1# where you can get even more fantastic data packages. For a 6 GB quota, you only need to pay IDR 30,000.

5. Kartu As Data Package - 100 for Ace Cards


Need to spend a lot of quota in one day? Just take advantage of your ace card. try dial to *100*3*2*3*1*1# for a 500 MB data package for only Rp. 4,000, dial to *100*3*2*3*1*2# for 1 GB data package only with price IDR 6,000, or dial to *100*3*2*3*1*3# for a 2 GB data package for only Rp. 9,000. But remember, this package is only for Internet use for 24 hours.

After successfully registering the package, then you need to: dial to *100*10000#. Then there will be a reply from number 3636 where you need to answer it by writing FLASH YES. Then, wait for your package to be active soon.

6. Axis Data Package - Application Special Promo for Axis


For those of you Axis customers who have smartphones, it might be a good idea to download the AxisNet application from the Play Store. Here, Axis often provides special promos that cannot be obtained from the *123# menu or from promos via SMS. This special promo appears quite often! Although the promo packages change frequently, the prices are still much cheaper than the usual packages.

7. Buy New Prime


This is a classic way that is not a secret anymore. Buying a new starter often allows you to get a far more economical tariff package, for example a 3 card. A 5 GB data package is usually sold at a price of Rp. 125,000. But if you buy an Internet starter pack, only with Rp116.000 you already got a 10 GB data package and still get another 10 GB bonus!

This trick can be applied if your smartphone is dual SIM. One slots SIM for your usual number and slots The only SIM is for the first one, which you will replace every time the package runs out.

8. Faithful to the Old Number


A number of provider will appreciate loyal customers. So if you have a number that has been used for a while, try to continue using the same SIM number. If you have reached a certain time duration, chances are you will receive an SMS offering a package that is much cheaper than the normal package.

Ace has done it before. Customers whose numbers are still active for more than 5 years, can get a 13 GB Internet data package for only the IDR 50,000 just.

It is important to know that not all numbers can get the secret promos above. And again, all these promos can change at any time, depending on the policies of each provider.

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