13 mandatory software to install on a new laptop

If you've bought a new laptop, there are a few things you should do. Including installing some software that must be on the following laptop.

Who doesn't like the new one? The new one is usually more fresh and fun. For example, a new boyfriend, a new smartphone, and a new laptop. Happy right?

Speaking of new laptops, do you know that all new laptops are empty? Without software supporters. So that you don't get confused when you use a new laptop for work, take a look at the software that must be installed.install on your new laptop!

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Mandatory Software Install on New Laptop

In addition to the operating system, complementary software compatible with the operating system on your laptop you must also have it. With software Following this, your laptop is guaranteed to be even cooler and more useful!

1. Driver Pack

Prior toinstall others, you should first install Drive Pack. This software contains drivers from every hardware that you use on a laptop, such as VGA, motherboard, monitors, even keyboards and mice that are equipped with special settings. After everything went smoothly, let's start install other software that must be on a laptop.

Apps Drivers & Smartphone Artur Kuzyakov DOWNLOAD

2. Office

No, this isn't office which means office. But Office What is meant here is a software package for managing various office documents, such as: Microsoft Office for Windows and Libre Office for Ubuntu. In practice, Office is useful not only for office matters, but also campus assignments to other digital document matters. Must!

Microsoft Corporation Office & Business Tools Apps DOWNLOAD Office Apps & Business Tools DOWNLOAD

3. Antivirus

You don't want your new laptop to crash because of a virus when you download free pirated software? For those of you who like browsing and install free software, it's really mandatory to use an antivirus on a laptop.

By default, Microsoft has provided Windows Defender as the default antivirus. But it would be better if you use a paid version of antivirus that provides many additional protection features, such as AVG, Avast, Avira or BitDefender.

AVG Technologies Antivirus & Security Apps DOWNLOAD Avast Software Antivirus & Security Apps DOWNLOAD Avira GmbH Antivirus & Security Apps DOWNLOAD

4. WinRAR

For those who like to send emails or really like to store a lot of documents, you should do compression so that the data is more well-managed and lightweight.

To create or open a compressed document, you need WinRAR. This software can be used to open ZIP or RAR folders easily. Even better, this software is free and lightweight!

Apps Compression & Backup RARLab DOWNLOAD

5. Adobe Photoshop

Who doesn't know Adobe Photoshop? For those of you who like things that smell like visual graphics, then you must install it Adobe Photoshop. Thanks to this photo editing software, we can easily find various cool and amazing photos on the internet. Although not infrequently there are also Photoshop edits that fail.

Adobe Systems Inc Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

6. VLC Media Player

By default, any operating system is provided media player default, including Windows. But if you want to experience a more complete and exciting multimedia content experience, then you can use VLC Media Player. Not only watching videos, but also listening to music. Video & Audio Apps DOWNLOAD

7. CCleaner

To keep your laptop's performance optimal, you must install CCleaner. This software is used to remove cookies, history, as well as junk files and registry which is messy while you are using the laptop. By regularly defragmenting your hard drive using CCleaner, your laptop will stay fast and clean bootit will still be fast.

Apps Cleaning & Tweaking Piriform DOWNLOAD

8. Browsers

Instead of using the default Windows browser, you should install another browser, such as Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox. Besides being light and fast, both browsers are supported by the developer community Add-Ons a lot to make your browsing experience even more enjoyable.

Google Inc. Browser Apps. DOWNLOAD Mozilla Organization Browser Apps DOWNLOAD Apps Browser Opera Software DOWNLOAD

That's 13 software that must be on a new laptop. In the future, it is not impossible that you will need other software according to your activities. But what is certain is that all of the software above will make the use of your laptop more optimal.

Let's hurry install!