Good news, Jalantikus has an official account line!

Have you joined the official JalanTikus.Com LINE account yet? If not, join now. This is the reason!

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Even so JalanTikus.Com, carries the theme One-stop Solution , JalanTikus.Com is committed to always providing solutions for any problems related to technology, especially those related to smartphones and computers.

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How to Join LINE Official JalanTikus.Com Account

Previously, to add to your convenience, you read all the information. JalanTikus is now available in the form of an Android application.

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In order to present a new experience for you to enjoy the latest tips and information, JalanTikus is also available on Facebook Page, Twitter, BBM Channel, YouTube, and now JalanTikus is present on LINE in the form of Official Account.

Official Account itself is a form of trust formality for LINE users, which provides accurate information from original sources.

So how do you find the official JalanTikus.Com LINE account? Here are the steps:

  • Open your LINE app.
  • Click other menu (more) or three-dot logo.
  • From here select Official Accounts, type JalanTikus.Com and click 'Add'.

Now you have successfully joined the LINE Official JalanTikus.Com account. You've come to the right place, JalanTikus has thousands of interesting articles about technology that can increase your knowledge. Oh yes, don't forget to recommend it to your other friends.

For those who want to work with us or want to submit an application for us to publish on Just send an email now to [email protected]

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