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an easy way to create a password on a flash drive to keep secret files safe!

Have you ever been caught keeping a secret relay? Here's how to make it safer to store adult movies on a flash drive

Who doesn't have external storage like this nowadays? flash drive or hard drive? Of course, you definitely need these two items to facilitate data transfer between PC to laptop, laptop to PC, PC to PC, or laptop to laptop. Maybe if you don't have a flash disk and the like, you'll still use diskettes to store data, whereas diskettes are hard to find nowadays.

Not a few of you have a flash or hard drive just to store something that smells of adult things, such as save adult movies so that your parents don't find out. Because, unlike in the past, if you want to save porn movies, you have to use a DVD, and it will be easy to find out even if you have been very neat in storing it. Therefore, to make it more secure, here Jaka gives it easy way to make password on flash to keep your favorite adult movies safe.

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Easy Ways to Create a Password on a Flash Drive to be Safe Keep Secret Files!

Please remember, how to do this very easy. However, it can be a fatal mistake if you do not follow it in detail and carefully. It only takes about 15 minutes, so it won't take you long to make password on the flash and you will be very safe keeping confidential files. Imagine, if dad you find your flash drive containing secret files, continue to use it on the laptop, wow that will be the greatest disaster in your lifetime. So, pay attention to the steps.

  • First, you connect a flash or external hard drive to your PC. Then, click Start and go to Control Panel >BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • When you have entered BitLocker Drive Encryption, the connected flash drive will be written Off. Therefore, click Turn On BitLocker
  • After that, there will be a live display pop-up which requires you to create a password on the flash you want to protect, and click Next
  • Next, if you have set a password, then you will see three options, select Save to file and specify a location to save it. Then, click Next
  • Again faced with choosing one option, you choose Encrypt used disk space only
  • Again, you still have to choose an option, you choose Compatible mode
  • Finally, click Start Encryption
  • Wait until the encryption process is complete
  • If so, eject your flash drive, continue to connect it again and see the results. You are required to enter password that you have created can only be opened.

How, easy way to make password on the flash is not it? Now, you don't have to worry about your parents finding out if you hide hundreds of adult movies on a flash drive. Share your opinion in the comments column below yes.

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