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Curious to watch the movie Mission: Impossible - Fallout? You can watch it for free here, you know! (Full Movie)

Success attracted the attention of critics through the heroic actions of the players, Mission: Impossible - Fallout became one of the Hollywood films that won rating high on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 6th sequel to the Mission: Impossible franchise is rated as a candidate for the best Hollywood action film of all time by several professional observers.

Then, what is the action of Tom Cruise and his friends in this film? Come on, see the synopsis of the film Mission: Impossible - Fallout below!

Synopsis of Mission: Impossible - Fallout

The film Mission: Impossible - Fallout tells the story of a journey Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) returnees have to deal with problems involving their past as a member Impossible Mission Force (IMF).

Ethan is required to complete a mission related to the seizure of objects capable of causing nuclear war in three sacred places in the world.

He must race against time to complete a mission to save the world and face obstacles from assassins and former comrades who want him to fail.

Not to mention this mission involves the CIA and the intervention of an agent named August Walker (Henry Cavill) because Ethan's loyalty is starting to be questioned.

Fortunately in carrying out this mission Ethan is not alone, he is assisted by his friends, namely Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), Adan Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), and Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson).

Then, can Ethan complete his mission to prevent a nuclear war from threatening the world?

Interesting Facts about Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Successfully presenting an interesting storyline and also scenes that make the heart beat fast, the film Mission: Impossible - Fallout actually keeps interesting facts behind the production process, you know.

Curious? Here, Jaka has summarized some interesting facts about the film Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

  • The studio announced the release of Mission: Impossible - Fallout a few days before the release of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.

  • This film is the longest action film in the Mission: Impossible franchise with a duration of 2 hours 27 minutes.

  • Has long been involved in the Mission: Impossible franchise since the 4th sequel, Jeremy Renner, who plays William Brand, turned down an offer to play in this film because he was involved in shooting the Avengers film.

  • Henry Civil, who has played in the Superman film, revealed that the dangerous scenes he did in this film were more extreme than the superhero film.

  • Tom Cruise had to train for 1 year to perform a stunt known as HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) in this film.

Nonton Film Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

InformationMission: Impossible - Fallout
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)7.8 (251,173)
Duration2 hours 27 minutes


Release Date27 July 2018
DirectorChristopher McQuarrie
PlayerTom Cruise

Ving Rhames

Well, for those of you who are curious about the full story of this film, you can watch the free movie Mission: Impossible - Fallout below, gang. Check it out!

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That was the synopsis and some interesting facts about the film Mission: Impossible - Fallout, starring the famous actor Tom Cruise, gang.

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