complete list of prices for the latest smartphone call packages 2020

Confused about finding the right Smartfren calling package for you? Find the answer in the complete list of Smartfren calling package prices from Jaka!

Chat applications such as WhatsApp have indeed become the main way for us to communicate, but the telephone method is still widely used, gang.

For emergencies, the telephone is still more reliable because the internet connection in Indonesia is still not perfect.

So, here ApkVenue decided to help users Smartphone and discuss complete list of Smartfren 2020 call packages the most recent!

Complete List of Smartfren Call Package Prices

By using technology VoLTE (Voice over LTE), Smartfren arguably has the best telephone quality among operators in Indonesia, gang.

As long as the cheap 4G cellphone that you are using supports this feature, the sound of incoming calls to your cellphone guaranteed to sound clearer.

To accommodate this technology, this operator has provided complete list of Smartfren call package prices which Jaka will thoroughly explain here!

In addition, all of the packages that ApkVenue discusses here you can activate directly on MySmartfren app which you can download via the link below.

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1. Smartfren Call Packages Smart Chat

The main calling packages offered by Smartfren are Smart Chat package which can be used for both prepaid and postpaid users.

This Smartfren call package to other operators consists of: 3 day package, 15 days package, and 30 days package depending on your needs.

In addition to voice quota, customers of this package also get SMS quota and internet quota as an added bonus!

Make sure your credit is sufficient via how to check smartfren credit before buying the following Smartfren call package, yes.

Smart Chat PackagePackage Details
Smart Chat 3 DaysPrice: IDR 5,000,-

Validity Period 3 Days

Smart 15 Days ChatPrice: IDR 10,000,-

Validity Period 15 Days

Smart Chat 30 DaysPrice: IDR 35.000,-

Validity Period 30 Days

2. Daily Talk Smartfren Call Package

For those who are in a hurry, Smartfren also provides Daily Talk Package which is valid 24 hours at a price of Rp. 2 thousand only, gang!

Unfortunately, this package is only valid for calling fellow Smartfren numbers and is not suitable for those of you who are looking for a Smartfren call package to all operators.

Daily Talk PackagePackage Details
1 Day Daily TalkPrice: IDR 2,000,-

Validity Period 1 Day

3. Unlimited Smartfren Super 4G Call Packages

Though Super 4G Unlimited in fact it is an internet package, customers of this internet package also get a call quota bonus, gang!

Unfortunately, this call quota is also only for fellow smartfren numbers and not for those of you who are looking for a Smartfren call package to landlines.

Starting from only Rp. 9 thousand, you can use the internet to your heart's content without having to check your Smartfren quota frequently.

Super 4G Unlimited PackagePackage Details
Super 4G Unlimited 9 ThousandPrice: IDR 9,000,-

Validity period 1 day

Super 4G Unlimited 20 thousandPrice: IDR 20,000,-

Validity period 5 days

Super 4G Unlimited 50KPrice: IDR 50.000,-

Validity period 28 days

Super 4G Unlimited 75 thousandPrice: IDR 75.000,-

Validity period 28 days

Super 4G Unlimited 100KPrice: IDR 100,000,-

Validity period 28 days

4. Smartfren SmartPlan Call Packages

In addition to the standard package, Smartfren also offers services SmartPlan where customers can define service quotas as they wish, gang.

In this service, users are allocated several units where each unit can be used for 1GB quota, 10 minute call quota, or quota of 100 SMS.

In addition to the quota options above, users also get a bonus of unlimited calls to fellow Smartfren numbers, gang!

Indeed, the price is a bit more expensive than other packages, but it is still worth recommending as a Smartfren calling package for all operators.

SmartPlan PackagePackage Details
Smart Plan 50 thousandPrice: IDR 50.000,-

Validity Period 30 Days

Smart Plan 60 thousandPrice: Rp60,000,-

Validity Period 30 Days

Smart Plan 75 thousandPrice: IDR 75.000,-

Validity Period 30 Days

Smart Plan 100 thousandPrice: IDR 100,000,-

Validity Period 30 Days

Smart Plan 150 thousandPrice: IDR 150.000,-

Validity Period 30 Days

Smart Plan 200 thousandPrice: IDR 200,000,-

Validity Period 30 Days

That's it, gang, the complete list of prices for the latest Smartfren 2020 call packages from Jaka. You can also check the details of all the packages above on the MySmartfren application.

In addition to calling packages, this multifunctional application can also be used to check phone calls Smartfren internet package price list in full, gang!

Do you still have phone calls? Which Smartfren calling package is the most attractive to you? Share in the comments column yes!

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