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how to quickly delete all instagram posts at once

Now you don't have to bother to tidy up your Instagram feed. Just follow how to delete all Instagram photos & videos at once below.

Who knows, Instagram which used to be only able to share photos has now turned into a super complete social media. Several features were added starting from posting videos, message, to features Instagram Stories even Live.

Have you ever thought about tidy up feed on profile page you? To do so does take a lot of time to delete many posts at once.

But this time you don't need to bother, you can delete all posts on Instagram quickly and easily.

Here Jaka tells you how to delete Instagram posts at once. Let's see!

How to Quickly Delete Instagram Photos & Videos at Once

Your first step is to download and install the Insta Cleaner for Instagram application, which is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Or you can directly download below here:

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Step 1 - Open the Insta Cleaner app

  • Open the app and you will be taken to the login page. Enter your Instagram username and password then tapLogin with Instagram.

Step 2 - Select the post tab

  • You will be taken to the main screen of the Insta Cleaner application. At the bottom, select tabPosts to go to the page contains feed your post.

Step 3 - Tap to delete

  • Tap on the post you want to delete until there is a check mark in front of your post. To delete it, you stay tapDelete then tapOK.
  • Insta Cleaner app will delete automatically. If successful, a display like the one below will appear tapOK.

Step 5 - Choose the free option & Done

  • Unfortunately, in the settings in tabSettings, free option users only provided Total Operation 15 times with a maximum selection of up to 5 posts. You can do options Pro Upgrades by making a purchase of IDR 69 thousand just.

Well, that's how to quickly delete Instagram posts at once. With the Insta Cleaner application, you don't have to bother deleting your posts one by one, right?

In addition, this application can unfollow, block, and delete likes at once. Good luck!

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