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3 ways to hide wa contacts so your boyfriend doesn't find out!

Have a secret contact that you don't want others to know about? Jaka has the most effective way to hide WA contacts!

Do you have a WhatsApp contact that you want to hide so that other people, including your girlfriend, don't know?

For privacy reasons, sometimes we don't want others to know our WhatsApp contact list. But, sometimes we feel too dear to delete the chat.

Don't worry, you don't need to delete chat history. Jake has how to hide WA contacts the most powerful!

How to Hide WA Contacts

The easiest way to hide WA contacts is to take advantage of the feature archive or files.

ApkVenue will tell you various tutorials for all devices, both on Android phones, iPhones, and on PCs!

1. How to Hide WA Contacts on Android Phones

First, ApkVenue will tell you how to hide someone's WhatsApp on an Android phone. Guaranteed, it's very easy.

Hide Contacts

The first thing you have to do is select the contact you want to hide from your WhatsApp chat list.

After that, long hold the contact, select the button Archive which is located in the upper right corner (next to the three dot button).

Later, the contact will disappear from the chat list and enter the chat archive.

Restore Archived Contacts

If you want to know how to show hidden contacts on WhatsApp, the method is more or less the same, gang.

You can simply open the chat archive which you can find by doing scrolling down, then hold down the contact you want to bring back.

After that, press the button Unarchive in the upper right corner, the contact will immediately reappear to your WhatsApp chat address.

2. How to Hide WA Contacts on an iPhone

What about iPhone users? It's the same way, gang. You just need to archive the chat.

Hide Contacts

Select the contact you want to hide, then swipe left until the button appears Archive. The contact will automatically go to Archived Chats.

If you want to open this chat archive, you can open it via the menu Archived Chats which is located under the column Search.

Restore Archived Contacts

To restore contacts that have been archived, how to restore them is also no less easy. You just swipe left and press the button Unarchive.

After that, the contact will exit Archived Chats and appear in the chat list on the home page.

3. How to Hide WA Contacts on PC

Well, if you use WhatsApp on PC more often, the way to hide WhatsApp contacts is also a little different, gang.

Hide Contacts

Select the contact you want to hide, click the down arrow. This arrow is located below the incoming/outgoing chat hours.

After that, select Archive chat which is located at the top.

To view the list of contacts that have been hidden, select the three-dot button located in the upper right corner. choose Archived.

Restore Archived Contacts

To restore a contact that has been hidden, go to the menu Archived which were. Then, click the down arrow on the right side of the chat. choose Unarchive Chat.

How to Hide Other WA Contacts

In addition, if you want to hide all your contacts on WhatsApp, there's a quick way, guys.

You just go to Settings >Chat >Chat History >Archive All Chats. That way, all your WhatsApp chats will immediately go to the archive box.

If you are reluctant to use the method above, there are several other ways that you can use to disguise your WA contacts.

First, you can change the contact's name to a pseudonym, like Plumber or Firefighter.

Besides that, you can also disguise it with not saving the number. With the form of a number, no one will be suspicious of the number.

The disadvantage of using this archive feature is that if a new message appears, the message will automatically reappear in our chat list.

So to be even safer, it's better if you do it diligently backup and save the file in cloud.

Or if the data in the chat is not very important and you don't need it, it's better to delete it all at once, gang!

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