how to install xiaomi miui theme on all android

Want to experience MIU's lightweight performance and fresh look but don't have a Xiaomi smartphone? So, here's how to install the Xiaomi MIUI theme on all Android smartphones.

Xiaomi which is known as Apple from China successfully expand the Global market. Not only offering cheap smartphones with luxurious specifications, Xiaomi's success cannot be separated from a fresh look and lightweight MIUI performance.

Want to experience using MIUI, but don't have a Xiaomi smartphone? Calm down, JalanTikus has how to install xiaomi theme on all android.

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Free Expression with Xiaomi MIUI Theme

In addition to the appearance and lightweight performance, MIUI excels thanks to the theme features it brings. You can freely express yourself through the display of your smartphone. With MIUI, you can feel like you have a new look every day.

How to Use MIUI on All Android

To be able to install the Xiaomi MIUI theme on all Androids, the condition is your smartphone Must be Android Lollipop and already root. Don't know how root Android? You can read the following articles:

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If your Android has beenroot, please download the application MiHome from link which Jaka gave. But do not install like a regular apk!

Apps Productivity XDA Developers DOWNLOAD

To be able to use MiHome on your Android, you have to put the MiHome apk that you downloaded in the folder system/app. Use the app ES File Explorer or Root Explorer to do it.

Apps Productivity ES APP Group DOWNLOAD Apps Developer Tools Moof Games Limited DOWNLOAD

After being moved, please click and hold on the apk file, then search for Properties. Here change _permissions_it becomes rw-r--r--. View image!

Next, please install the modified MiHome apk permissionit was. Finished.

Difference between MiHome and Mi Launcher

Because MIUI is so cool, many people want to use it. One of which is Mi Launcher which is inspired by MIUI. Unlike Mi Launcher, you can run various MIUI features, such as Mi Talk, entered into Xiaomi Theme Store, shopping at Mi Store, use Noodle Wallet, and more on MiHome.

Apps Productivity Nikao DOWNLOAD

Even features gestures and hide apps it runs perfectly. Don't forget, you can customize the MiHome Theme according to your taste.

Well, that's how to install the Xiaomi MIUI theme on all Androids. Interested in trying MiHome so you can experience using MIUI on your Android? As long as your Android has beenroot and using Android Lollipop, you can try it.

Good luck!