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how to register for the latest BCA internet banking 2021

Registering for BCA internet banking is easy, you can do it at any BCA ATM. Come on, see Jaka's article for more info!

Are you a BCA customer and confused about how? how to register for internet banking BCA? Relax, because this time Jaka wants to talk about the latest BCA internet banking for you.

Presence BCA internet banking or what can be known as ClickBCA is one of the banking services presented by Bank BCA to facilitate its customers in financial transactions.

Just like mobile banking, BCA internet banking can also be accessed via cellphones, tablets, and PCs via an internet browser application or BCA Mobile app. For more details, see the article that Jaka wrote to the end, OK!

How to Register for BCA Internet Banking Easily

BCA internet banking services can only be enjoyed by BCA customers. So, to use this service you have to be a customer first.

Transactions using internet banking such as money transfers, virtual account, buy credit, buy electricity, pay credit card bills, and others can be done at home and abroad.

If you want to make BCA internet banking, follow the steps from Jaka below, OK!

How to Register Internet Banking BCA Via ATM

You can register for BCA internet banking via BCA ATMs anywhere. You just have to look at the nearest ATM.

It's easy how. You just follow these steps:

1. Visit BCA ATM

You don't have to go to a BCA ATM at a BCA branch or head office. You can register for internet banking at any BCA ATM.

2. Insert BCA Debit Card (Passport BCA)

Continue by inserting the card Your BCA passport/debit card and type PIN you.

You can use all debit cards issued by BCA to register for BCA internet banking services.

3. Register for BCA E-Banking/Autodebit

Select menu register E-Banking/Auto debit.

Then select the menu again Internet banking.

4. Enter BCA Internet Banking PIN

You will be asked to enter your BCA internet banking PIN. You can make your internet banking PIN different from your BCA passport card pin, how come.

After entering your BCA internet banking PIN, you Enter the PIN again (confirm).

5. Get USER-ID

Now you have got USER-ID internet banking You and the receipt will come out of the ATM machine.

Don't throw away the receipt below because this is Your internet banking USER-ID to be entered later when logging in at

How to Register BCA Internet Banking without going to the Bank

Currently, registration for internet banking BCA can only be done via ATM. In fact, if we go to customer service, we will be directed to the ATM to register.

How to Activate BCA Internet Banking

After you register, you must activate your BCA internet banking so that you can use it immediately.

The following are the steps you must take to activate BCA internet banking:

1. Visit BCA Website

Please you kvisit or install BCA Mobile application.

Apps Productivity PT Bank Central Asia tbk. DOWNLOAD

You can access the site on cellphones, tablets, and PCs, while the application is specifically for cellphones and tablets.


Click button LOGIN, then enter KlikBCA User ID and PIN that you made at the ATM.

3. Accept the Clauses

When the KlikBCA Terms and Conditions display appears, click the button AGREE/AGREE as a sign of approval.

4. Enter your e-mail address and ATM card number

Next, you enter your e-mail address that is active and often used, it is recommended that you do not e-mail work, preferably personal e-mail.

Then you enter BCA passport card number you (BCA debit).

Well, what appears next is the display of the KlikBCA Main menu as below. So, your BCA internet banking registration was successful.

That means now you can check your ATM account balance through BCA internet banking at any time.

Always make sure you have enough internet quota and a stable internet connection to make it easier for you to access BCA internet banking services.

To make any financial transactions such as transfers and payments you have to buy tokens or KeyBCA at the nearest BCA branch office for IDR 25,000.

What transactions and services are available in BCA Internet Banking?

PurchaseTop-up vouchers, prepaid PLN, tickets, and more
PaymentCredit cards, telephone, cellphone, internet, insurance, loans, taxes, electricity, water, BPJS, and others
Payment e-commercePayment by on line on the website merchant who work together
Transfer of fundsTransfer to other BCA, interbank, virtual account
Credit cardBalance information, transaction information, billing information
Investment productMutual fund balance, ACCESS - KSEI, state securities
e-statementStages of Futures and Savings and Current Accounts
Account informationInformation on BCA account balances, account mutations, deposits, futures stages, RDN accounts
Consumer credit informationLoan information and loan payment history
More informationExchange Information
Transaction statusKnowing what transactions you do and canceling transfer transactions that are still pending
Transaction historyYou can find out all transactions made through KlikBCA a maximum of 31 days ago

That's the article that Jaka wrote specifically for you about how to register for the latest BCA internet banking via an ATM without having to go to the bank easily. Tell your friends too with share this article, yes.

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