this is how to unlock android smartphone with your voice

Unlocking the smartphone password with a pattern or PIN code can be snooped on by other people so that it is easily known. So what about the sound? By using the voice password we will be more secure because the voice of course

Security is of course very important for every smartphone user. Every user has their own way of securing their smartphone. Like activating a lock with a password or pattern or finger movements. Not even a few users install third-party applications to get more secure security.

But locking the smartphone with a password or pattern not completely safe. If other people know our password, then they will easily access our smartphone. Well, so that our smartphones become more secure, we should try using a password with our voice. How to? Check this out!

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Unlock Smartphone by Voice

Unlock smartphone password with pattern or the PIN code could be snooped on by someone else so that it can be easily identified. So what about the sound? By using the voice password we will be more secure because the sound of course can not be seen. It can be heard but everyone has a different voice.

How to Unlock Smartphone with Voice

So, so that you are not curious, let's take a look step by step to unlock with the following sound:

  • First, download and install the Voice Lock Screen application via link below this:
Apps Productivity Onex Softech DOWNLOAD
  • Open the application then select the section Unlock Settings.
  • After that you will see the microphone button. To activate voice lock, press the key mic Then say the password that will be used to unlock it.
  • Then enter the passcode just in case our voice is not recognized.

  • To activate it, go to Settings and turn on the Lock Screen button.

  • Then try to lock your smartphone and see what happens. The smartphone will not open unless using the voice command that we have set!

Well, that's one safe way to lock our smartphone. If your voice is suddenly unreadable, use the backup PIN code that you entered earlier. So, good luck! :D