7 best indie games in 2019

Tired of AAA games with boring gameplay? Let's take a look at the list of the best indie games in 2019 that you must play. Guaranteed not to drain the wallet!

In just a few weeks, 2019 will turn to 2020. Have you guys made it do all the things you want in this year, gang?

Jaka personally also has a lot of 'savings' quality films in 2019 that have not been watched. So it's really fitting to spend the end of the year vacation!

In addition to films, Jaka has also prepared several cool indie games to fill your spare time. You don't need to come from a well-known developer, the games below also have quality that is no less beautiful.

Best Indie Game Recommendations in 2019

Since the video game industry the arrival of independent developers in the late 2000s, the world of video games has become flooded with quality games, gang.

Unlike AAA games, indie games these usually have a small scale and the price is also relatively cheap.

But what is the main selling point, indie games usually carry the gameplay unique that is rarely found in games mainstream.

On this occasion, Jaka would like to highlight the work on the list 7 best indie games in 2019! Who knows, it might interest you guys!

1. Wargroove

Games turn-based strategy this is inspired by the series Advance Wars owned by Nintendo and even has a very similar look, gang!

Unfortunately, series Advance Wars itself has low sales figures so Nintendo has put this series to sleep since the game Days of Ruin came out in 2008.

To fill this void, developers Chucklefish make Wargroove which has a different fantasy world setting from Advance Wars realistic.

This game proved to be a success in the market and managed to receive rave reviews from critics such as the site IGN who gives rating 8.5 for this game, gang!

2. Neo Cab

Have you ever thought about how it feels to be an online taxi driver or not? Because this idea was brought up in the game Neo Cab work Chance Agency from San Francisco.

As a developer based near a technology center Silicon Valley, Chance Agency also raised the issue of the influence of technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, in our lives.

In this game, you take on the role of Lina, an online taxi driver who investigates the case of his missing friend by collecting clues from his taxi passengers.

With unique gameplay, Neo Cab managed to reap praise not only from game critics, but also from journalistic institutions such as The Washington Post which gives value 9.0.

3. Afterparty

Usually, we see hell described as a place full of sinister demons and eternal torment. But the American developer, Nightschool Studio have a slightly different idea.

In their second game entitled Afterparty, they describe that hell also has working hours, gang. While outside these hours, the demons and humans who were there joined the party together.

The main character of this game, Milo and Lola suddenly wake up in hell and they are told that if they want to get out of hell, they have to be able to beat Lucifer in a drinking contest!

As one might guess, Afterparty has a lot of quirky humor elements that make this game receive value 8.5 from IGN.

4. Outer Wilds

Have you seen the movie? Groundhog Day where a reporter gets caught up in a time loop no, gang?

This idea was also brought up in the game Outer Wilds from an American developer Digital Mobius where you play as an astronaut who keeps repeating the same events.

In 22 minutes, the sun that is near the astronaut will explode and you must find a way to avoid it in your next life.

You will keep repeating this incident until you find a solution to this problem and Outer Wilds managed to get praise from IGN which gives value 8.4.

5. My Friend Pedro

There are already several games that try to emulate the shootout scene stylish ala John Woo but maybe My Friend Pedro is one of the best, gang.

This game is made by developer DeadToast Entertainment based in Sweden and tells the story of a man who received an order from a magic banana.

Here, you are tasked with killing all the enemies in front of you at once.stylish maybe with help skateboard, frying pans, and other tools.

With gameplay full of very interesting action, My Friend Pedro managed to receive rave reviews from critics like IGN which gives value 8.5.

6. Lost Bucket

One of the things that makes Jaka like indie games is that many offer a different experience compared to just killing enemies and one of them is this game.

Lost Bucket from the original developer German, Mooneye Studios, tells the story of a human being reincarnated into a wolf.

In his adventure to find the reason why he was reborn, the wolf also has the ability to control other animals.

Developer Mooneye showed their love for nature through this game which managed to get a lot of praise from critics such as PC Gamer which gives value 9.0.

7. Untitled Goose Game

For those of you who need an outlet for stress, maybe you can taste Untitled Goose Game from the studio House House origin Australia.

In this game, you will play as a psychopathic goose whose only purpose in life is to make other people's lives difficult.

Due to a very strange idea, House House initially did not think that this game could be successful but netizens said differently and the swan character here has even become a meme.

In addition to being a joke, this game also received a lot of praise from critics, such as IGN which gives value 8.0.

That's it, gang, the list of the 7 best indie games in 2019 according to Jaka! If you are bored with the same AAA games, the games above can be an option.

Instead of you throwing away Rp500 thousand++ for the latest Pokemon game which is actually not very good, you can enjoy the games above with only Rp100 thousand capital!

Have you ever played the game above? What do you think about Jaka's recommendation? Share in the comments column yes!

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