7 latest android apps speed up internet connection

The faster, the better we are at doing things in cyberspace.

In this instant era, the internet is needed in all aspects. It also refers to internet speed which we use. The faster, the better we are at doing things in cyberspace.

Discussing internet speed is often a scourge among the public Indonesia. Because the average internet speed in Indonesia is relatively slow. Therefore Jaka this time will share 7 Android Apps to Speed ​​Up Internet Connection. Here's the review.

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7 Android Apps to Speed ​​Up Internet Connection

1. Internet Booster & Optimizer

This application is intended to improve the internet browsing experience of the users. This app will do set of commands and optimizations which will place browsing activity a priority in the Android system and ensure getting results speeding up internet connection and device resources for a smooth browsing experience.

Some of the features of which can also pause secondary processes, clean RAM memory, clean cache memory, and improve quality ping.

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2. Faster Internet 2X

Still stuck with slow internet speed slow very? Try the app Internet Faster 2X. This app uses custom script to increase the internet speed on the smartphone.

In addition, this application also improves in terms of signal reception. This application can also be used on phones that have not been installed root, but for maximum results, it is recommended to use a cellphone that already has a access rights root.

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3. Free Internet Speed ​​Booster

Free Internet Speed ​​Booster is a pretty good app to speed up internet connection on Android. If you have a slow internet speed over a cellular network or WiFi, this app is perfect for you.

Internet speed with this application will increase by 40%-80% depending on the device used. Other features can also clean DNS cache and increase latency.

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4. Internet Speed ​​Booster 3G/4G

Stuck in an area that only gets a signal Edge? use Internet Speed ​​Booster 3G/4G, an application that will boost your internet with the equivalent high speed 3G or 4G.

Around 30%-40% You will get a faster internet experience. Other features are improved speed streaming and browse websites quickly. This can also stabilize the signal we get.

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5. Internet Speed ​​Booster

This one is specifically for those who are stuck with very slow WiFi speeds. Application Internet Speed ​​Booster can help you solve this problem.

Its function is quite simple, it will eliminate all the applications running in the background and prevent process others use the connection while we are browsing. As a result, it can speed up internet connection.

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6. Speedify

For this one is one of the bridges how can we combine both internet speed from cellular and WiFi connection.

Speedify will regulate connection usage, by sorting through its quality. If the WiFi quality is poor, then Speedify will immediately switch the connection to cellular and make you always able to on line.

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7. Network Speed ​​Booster

The last one is the app Network Speed ​​Booster. This application will speed up internet connection from 25% until 50%.

Quite simply, this app will scan all the apps in the background that are using the internet, then it will disable all those apps.

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That's 7 Android Apps to Speed ​​Up Internet Connection. Hopefully useful and don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below!