10 skills that must be mastered if you want to work at Google

If you hope to one day want to work at Google, then you must learn the skills that JalanTikus will discuss below.

In Indonesia, Bachelor's degree often considered as absolute condition as capital for success. As if without an academic degree, the opportunity to work in a well-known company and start a promising career is tightly closed. All of that is not entirely true how come, even Google, which is one of the largest IT companies in the world and has a cool office in Jakarta, actually don't really care about a bachelor's degree.

If you hope to one day want to work at Google, then you must learn the skills that JalanTikus will discuss below. don't need all, just a few but master it deeply. Google only employs 4,000 people out of 2.5 million applicants every year. Google obviously doesn't just accept staff, it must have skills who are reliable, have high creativity, and have above average abilities. Google's HR team has released a list of the skills they'd like to see in a engineer or engineers, let's learn.

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10 Skills that MUST be mastered if you want to work at Google

1. Programming

Every Google employee should be able to write program code. At least one programming language oriented object such as C++, Java, and Python. You can learn from CodePolitan, MIT OpenCourceWare, and program learning sites on line other.

2. Algorithm & Data Structure

Still related to programming, understanding of algorithms and data structures is important to Google. Learn the basics data type as stacks, queues, or bags and understand sorting algorithm as quicksort, merge sort, or heapsort.

3. Creating a Compiler

Compiler itself is a system program that is used as a tool in programming. Processing software code translator (which is made by programmers) into machine language. Google understands that programs written to be understood by humans are systematically translated or interpreted for language assembly low level that the machine finally understands. By understanding how to make compiler certainly be an added value in the eyes of Google.

4. Parallel Programming

What Parallel Programming? Parallel Programming is a technique of performing computations simultaneously by utilizing several independent computers simultaneously. This skill is quite liked by Google. The main purpose of parallel programming is to improve computational performance. The more things that can be done simultaneously (at the same time), the more work that can be done.

5. Learn Other Programming Languages

Google will certainly like it if you are able to master more than one programming language. The number of programming languages ​​today is very large. Of the many programming languages ​​that exist today, of course Google does not use all existing programming languages. But it might be very useful for certain purposes. So there's no harm if you study at least 10 popular programming languages in Indonesia, such as javascript, PHP, visual basic, and others.

6. Testing Program

Do testing or testing of a program that has been created, is as important as creating the program itself. Google wants engineer they can detect bugs, make test debugging and looking for gaps from software what they did, and were able to improve it.

7. Math

Whoops! This lesson that we might hate at school turns out to be one of the skills that prospective Google employees must master. Google wants its employees to understand abstract math like logic and math discrete. It makes sense, considering compute if it means to count, computer means calculating machine. It is clear that computers are closely related to mathematics.

8. Artificial Intelligence / AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Google really likes to make products based on AI or artificial intelligence. There are so many robots developed at Google's office, they also have many engine which can work automatically. Therefore you should also learn about artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) and its subtleties.

9. Cryptography

Cryptography / cryptography is a science that studies how to keep data or messages stay safe when sent, from sender to receiver without experiencing interference from third parties. This is clearly needed to work at Google, because Google really likes the security world cyber. Given that Google has a lot online product and of course they want everyone to be in good security. By understanding cryptography, of course you are a potential candidate for Google.

10. Operating System

The operating system is software on the computer, which regulates the running of the different programs that use the computer's hardware and regulates how the user controls the computer. Most jobs at Google involve computers, so Google's skills and knowledge of the operating system are essential.

Of course, finding the best job is everyone's desire. A decent job with a big salary is the dream of all of us. Hopefully the list above can be a provision for later applying for a job at Google. Study harder, what do you think?