20 best camera apps for android 2020

Do you want photos that are as clear as a flagship cellphone or iPhone? Calm down, gang! You can use the best camera applications recommended by Jaka below. (android)

In the midst of need mobile photography It is undeniable that the camera is now one of the most important elements of a smartphone device.

But, as we know that not all cellphones are equipped with capable camera capabilities, especially for cellphones priced at 1 million.

Therefore, the use of best camera app is still one of the practical solutions that are finally chosen by many people.

Well, for that, in this article, Jaka will give you some Best camera app recommendations 2020 for Android phones that you can download right now, gang. Curious?

20 Best Camera Apps for Android

To get good photos, in fact, you don't just have to have high camera specifications.

Especially for you Android cellphone users, currently there are many camera applications available that can 'juggle' the photos to be super cool.

For example, some of the best camera applications that ApkVenue will discuss below, gang.

1. Camera51 - A Smarter Camera

Equipped with the ability to detect and analyze faces, scenes, and objects automatically, Camera51 it deserves to be dubbed as one of the best camera applications, gang.

Not only that, this application made by the Camera51 developer is also equipped with various supporting features such as auto framing, auto selfie, manual object selection, and much more.

How cool, right? So, instead of buying the best camera cellphone, which is usually priced at more than IDR 5 million, it's better to just use this application.

Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.1 (30.090)
Android Minimum4.3

Download Camera51 via the link below:

Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

2. Picai Smart AI Camera

The next best Android camera application recommendation is Picai Smart AI Camera which is equipped with the latest AI technology to produce the best image quality.

Not just an ordinary camera application, Picai Smart AI Camera also provides more than 100 interesting filters that you can try, gang.

That way, your smartphone camera can also have a performance that is no less cool than a flagship cellphone!

InformationPicai - Smart AI Camera
DeveloperHPCNT SG Pte. Ltd.
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.2 (1.798)
SizeVaries by device
Android Minimum6.0

Download Picai - Smart AI Camera via the link below:


3. Google Camera

Who does not know this one of the best camera applications in the world made by Google?

Yes, Google Camera offers features that can make the quality of shots even better even in low light conditions.

The camera mode offered is also quite complete starting from panorama, portrait, lens blur, photo sphere, photo booth, until slow motion whose quality is unquestionable.

Well, if you are interested in downloading this best camera application and don't know how to install it, you can read Jaka's article about how to install Google Camera without root on an Android phone.

InformationGoogle Camera
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Rating (Number of Reviewers)3.7 (419.305)
SizeVaries by device
Android MinimumVaries by device

Download Google Camera via the link below:

Google Inc. Video & Audio Apps. DOWNLOAD

4. Camera FV-5

Want your Android smartphone to be 'conjured' to feel like a DSLR camera? Then you need to try an app called Camera FV-5.

You see, this application provides a camera settings menu like a real DSLR camera.

Created especially for Android users who have a high level of enthusiasm for photography, this application provides professional camera features such as manual ISO settings, light metering focus, white balance, shutter speed and various other features.

InformationCamera FV-5
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.0 (135.584)
Android Minimum4.0

Download Camera FV-5 via the link below:

FlavioNet Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

5. Camera MX

Are you looking for a modern camera that offers amazing results? If so, just try to download the application Camera MX here, gang!

This camera application provides so many shooting mode options that are equipped with various filter options.

The presence of a number of camera features ranging from basic to professional is also one of the advantages that the Camera MX application tries to offer.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this application has become very popular and has been downloaded by more than 10 million users on the Google Play Store.

InformationCamera MX
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (292.609)
SizeVaries by device
Android MinimumVaries by device

Download Camera MX via the link below:

Apps Photo & Imaging Magix Software GmbH DOWNLOAD

6. Open Camera

Another good camera app recommendation is Open Camera developed by developer Mark Harman.

This camera application is known as a lightweight and easy-to-use camera application.

Open Camera has features including various focus modes, auto stabilizer, HD quality video recording and scene modes.

Other features that also complement Open Camera make it one of the best camera apps for Android.

InformationOpen Camera
DeveloperMark Harman
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.1 (167.249)
Android Minimum4.0.3

Download Open Camera via the link below:

Mark Harman Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

Other Best Camera Apps for Android...

7. Candy Camera

For those of you who are selfie enthusiasts who are looking for a modern camera with powerful features, you must download this Candy Camera application!

Yes, Candy Camera contains various features that can elevate the results of your selfie photos to a higher level.

The reason is, this application is equipped with various beauty functions such as for slimming, whitening, covering blemishes, lipstick, to mascara.

That way, you no longer need to download photo editing applications because Candy Camera already has everything you need for your selfie needs. Great!

InformationCandy Camera
DeveloperJP Brothers, Inc.
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (3.491.517)
SizeVaries by device
Android Minimum4.0.3

Download Candy Camera via the link below:

JP Brothers Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

8. Cymera

Cymera is one best camera app in the world with the number download which reaches more than 100 million!

No wonder it's because the features available in this application are really effective for making better photos.

Comes carrying variants of up to seven types of lenses, camera stabilizer, timer and silent mode, Cymera deserves to be one of the most popular users.

DeveloperSK Communications
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.6 (2.466.248)
SizeVaries by device
Android Minimum4.1

Download Cymera via the link below:

SK Communications Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

9. Camera ZOOM FX

Are you looking for an application that can change your cellphone camera to a DSLR equivalent? then you can try an application called Camera ZOOM FX here, gang.

The reason is, this application allows you to do manual settings like a DSLR camera.

No, that's all important features commonly found in DSLR cameras such as RAW format, ISO settings, focus distance, exposure, to shutter speed you can find in this application.

In addition, this application is also equipped with more than 100 effect ranging from vignette to bokeh that will make the shots even more stunning.

InformationCamera ZOOM FX
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.2 (91.718)
Android Minimum4.0

Download Camera ZOOM FX via the link below:

Apps Photo & Imaging androidslide DOWNLOAD

10. Z Camera

Want to download the best camera apps for Xiaomi phones and other brands? Maybe this Z Camera application is what you want.

Presented to support the selfie needs of its users, Z Camera not only allows you to take pictures but also edit them directly in the application.

There are various cool effects and filters that can juggle your appearance, as well as the presence of AR stickers so you no longer need to download an application to make memojis.

InformationZ Camera
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.6 (1.149.784)
Android Minimum4.1

Download Z Camera via the link below:

GOMO S Team Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

11. Bacon Camera

Almost similar to the Google Camera application, Bacon Camera also offers a variety of settings and features that are not much different, gang.

You can set manual focus, white balance, exposure, up to ISO speed so that you can produce portrait images as you wish.

Interestingly, this application also supports RAW format which will make your cellphone look like a DSLR camera!

Oh yes, for those of you who are looking for a bokeh video application, Bacon Camera also supports this feature, you know.

InformationBacon Camera
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.0 (12.463)
Android Minimum5.0

Download Bacon Camera via the link below:

F.G.N.M. Video & Audio Apps DOWNLOAD

12. Camera360

Almost all Android users must have heard of this one application, right?

Yes, Camera360 is indeed one of the most popular current camera applications on the Play Store.

Comes with a selection of filters that are fairly unique, this application also provides a large selection of stickers that make your photos more unique and funny.

For those of you who might be looking for the best iPhone camera application, you can also download Camera360 on the App Store!

DeveloperPinGuo Inc.
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (4.955.681)
SizeVaries by device
Android Minimum4.1

Download Camera360 via the link below:

PINGUO Inc Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

13. Manual Camera

The next recommendation for the best camera app for Android is Camera Manual which has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand users.

This application that can change the HP camera to the equivalent of a DSLR is equipped with dozens of features like a professional camera that is priced at an expensive price.

In fact, with the help of this application you can also record videos with 4K resolution, you know, gang!

Although indeed for ordinary users, they might be a little confused when operating this application because of its many features.

InformationCamera Manual
DeveloperLenses Inc.
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (8.949)
Android Minimum4.1

Download the Camera Manual via the link below:

Geeky Devs Studio Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

14. Kuji Cam

Not only functioned as a photo editing application, Kuji Cam also has a camera function that is no less cool than other best camera applications.

This application is equipped with more than 180 interesting filters which on average are dominated by style vintage.

Unfortunately, to enjoy the Kuji Cam application without the presence of annoying ads, you have to upgrade to the premium version, gang.

InformationKuji Cam
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (159.138)
Android Minimum4.4

Download Kuji Cam via the link below:

GinnyPix Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

15. B612 - Selfiegenic Camera

Apart from Camera360, B612 It is also one of the best camera applications favored by women.

The reason is, not only is it able to make your face more beautiful and smooth, this application also provides various kinds of funny stickers and filters that will make you addicted to selfies, gang.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this application has now been downloaded by more than 500 million users. Cool, right?

DeveloperSNOW, Inc.
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (6.443.364)
SizeVaries by device
Android MinimumVaries by device

Download B612 via the link below:

LINE Corporation Browser Apps DOWNLOAD

16. Aimera

Compared to Camera360 or B612, Aimera this may still be less popular among camera app lovers.

But even so, for the quality and features offered by this application, you can't just ignore it, gang.

Aimera is equipped with more than 140 filter options that will make the photos even more beautiful aesthetic to put on social media Instagram.

Not only that, the silent mode feature when taking pictures is also a simple but very useful feature when you want to take selfies in crowded places.

DeveloperJP Brothers, Inc.
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (43.880)
Android Minimum4.0.3

Download Aimera via the link below:


17. New Camera Pro

Still haven't found the best photo app that suits your preferences? If that's the case New Camera Pro this might be an alternative choice, gang.

This application allows you to make edits directly after the photo is taken so that it is more practical.

In addition, this application also not only provides interesting filters like other applications, but also a choice of fonts to frames that can beautify your shots.

InformationNew Camera Pro
DeveloperPink Group Selfie
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (4.339)
Android Minimum4.1

Download New Camera Pro via the link below:

>>New Camera Pro<<

18. Tilt-Shift Camera

Suitable for those of you who like to take pictures or take pictures of interest, toys or small objects as photo material. Tilt-Shift Camera you must try.

This application has features including: high-quality Tilt-Shift filter, color adjustments and adjustable focus area.

So, for those of you who are looking for the best camera application, Tilt-Shift Camera is one of the recommendations.

InformationTilt-Shift Camera
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.2 (7.486)
Android Minimum4.1

Download Tilt-Shift Camera via the link below:

Apps Photo & Imaging mrgnpza DOWNLOAD

19. VSCO Cam

Who hasn't heard of this camera app? VSCO Cam is a popular application used to take and edit images with a variety of filters that make the photos look cooler.

The filter options offered also don't look tacky or market because you are given the freedom to rearrange the filter settings used.

For those of you who are looking for the best camera application for Samsung or other HP brands, this VSCO Cam Jaka really recommends for you to download.

Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.4 (1.070.885)
SizeVaries by device
Android MinimumVaries by device

Download VSCO via the link below:

VSCO Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

20. HD Camera

The last recommendation goes to the best Android camera app called HD camera.

This application is equipped with technology that is able to detect faces automatically to get the best results, as well as the ease of choosing the quality and resolution of the camera.

Not only good in the shooting sector, this application also offers HD video recordings that are no less cool, you know.

InformationHD camera
DeveloperHD Camera
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (34.413)
SizeVaries by device
Android Minimum4.0.3

Download Camera HD via the link below:

>>HD Camera<<

Those were the recommendations for the 20 best camera apps in 2020 that you can use on all Android devices.

Which applications have you used or are you still using today? Then which one do you think is the most exciting and would you like to try? Share your opinion in the comments column.

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