not just a place to store! Here are the 4 real functions of Google Drive

Well, this time ApkVenue will discuss the 4 functions of Google Drive. Want to know anything? Check out Jaka's review below, come on!

Of course, you know Google Drive, right? Application made by Google it has basic function free storage on the Internet. But, many friends wonder, why on every smartphone is there Google Drive?

Actually, Google has provided the Google Drive application on your smartphone. But if you feel don't really need it, you can uninstall the application. Not a few smartphone users who uninstall the Google Drive application. When in fact the function of Google Drive There are many lol. Well, this time Jaka will discuss about 4 functions of Google Drive. Want to know anything? Check out Jaka's review below, come on!

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Not Just a Storage Place! These are the 4 real functions of Google Drive

1. Storage of Important Personal Documents

Basically Google Drive is a free file storage app that you can share or only you can manage. So, this Google Drive app is perfect for save important files You, for example, scanned diplomas, Family Cards, and others.

Surely many of you are wondering why these personal files must be saved on Google Drive? Because you never know what happens in the real world. Unexpected disasters will happen from time to time, for example house fire, floods, and others that can destroy your important documents. That's why keeping a copy of your important files on Google Drive is a smart action.

2. Sharing Large Files

You must often share files on your social media applications, but in these applications there is a size limit when sending files. So, this role very suitable for Google Drive.

You just need upload the file in Google Drive, once done, share via link provided by Google Drive. If any of your friends need the file, you guys just need share the link. Simple right?

3. Website Hosting

If you are a web developer must know the name hosting. So, in short, hosting is a place to store files like HTML, CSS and more. So, you will have free hosting from Google Drive.

4. To Back Up Files

Google Drive can also be used as a place to back up files. For example, you have a file that big size (eg wedding photos) and there are many. Obviously you will think about save it on CD or flash drive.

But CDs and flash drives have a weakness, namely CDs are vulnerable got dust and the flash is vulnerable contaminated with virus. So, it would be nice if you guys too have a copy file those photos in Google Drive.

Well, that's 4 functions of Google Drive what you need to know. From the Google Drive function that ApkVenue has mentioned above, have you tried anything?