how to find someone's location through the find my friends app

Here's How to Find Someone's Location in Real Time Through the Find My Friends Application!

In this sophisticated digital era, knowing someone's location is something that is easy. You can easily share your whereabouts to others via the app chat. This makes it easier for you when you make an appointment to meet somewhere.

But, have you ever wanted to know the location of people, whether family, friends, or even boyfriends? real time? If so, JalanTikus has a way to find out the location of other people directly real time use Find My Friends app.

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How to Find Someone's Location Through the Find My Friends Application

For some reason, knowing someone's location directly real time of course very helpful. For example, to find out the whereabouts of your children or the location of your lover. So you can more easily control your loved ones using Find My Friends app.

Download the Find My Friends App

Smartphones do make things easy. Not just for communication and exist on social media. Smartphones can also be used to track the location of other people. Of course you need the help of the Find My Friends application, so you can find out the location of your loved ones instantly real time.

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How to Set Up the Find My Friends App

Without the permission of the parties concerned, clearly violates privacy. As well as Find My Friends app. Your family member or boyfriend should also have the Find My Friends app installed on their smartphone. Well, after the Find My Friends application is successfully installed, here are the steps.

  • Open the Find My Friends app on your Android smartphone.
  • After that, you should Sign In. If you don't have an account, click Next and list first. Just follow what is asked.
  • After that, you invite friends, family members, or girlfriends through the code listed.
  • Instantly, the location of their position appeared instantly real time.

How, it's very easy not to use the Find My Friends application to track someone's whereabouts. In addition to displaying the position, the Find My Friends application also displays the percentage of battery on the target smartphone. Make sure, you only add people you really trust, such as close friends, family members, or boyfriends to your circle. Not a stranger or someone you just met. Good luck!

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