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how to recover deleted whatsapp account on android

Your WhatsApp account was accidentally deleted? Here's how to easily restore a deleted WhatsApp account on Android!

In the previous article, ApkVenue discussed how to restore deleted WhatsApp files. Then, what if our WhatsApp account is deleted? Can it still be used again?

Maybe this is a question for everyone who is experiencing problems like this. It's understandable that WhatsApp has now become one of the important applications for communicating with each other.

But, you don't have to worry because Jaka has the solution, gang! This time Jaka will discuss about how how to restore deleted WhatsApp account on all Android phones.

Curious? Come on, just take a look at the complete wetting below!

Causes of Deleted WhatsApp Accounts

Before we proceed to the solution, Jaka will first discuss the cause. The cause of the deleted WhatsApp account itself can be different gangs.

However, some of the most commonly found are as follows:

  • Deliberately delete WA account on my old cellphone because I wanted to move to a new cellphone.
  • Do uninstall app Whatsapp on HP so all data is lost.

Then can we still recover data from our old WhatsApp account? Of course we can!

If you're curious about how to do it, it's better to just take a look at the discussion on how to restore a deleted WhatsApp account in full below.

How to Restore Deleted Whatsapp Account

Unlike how to restore a deleted WhatsApp application on Android where you just re-download the application, restoring a deleted WA account might be a little more complicated.

Especially if it turns out that you don't activate the automatic backup feature in the WhatsApp application, it will definitely be very difficult to restore the old WA account.

Well, in this discussion, ApkVenue will provide two ways to restore a deleted Whatsapp account. First using Google Drive and second Manually.

Come on, just take a look at the full article below!

1. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Account with Google Drive

Similar to chat applications in general, WhatsApp also provides features backup which serves to recover data if one day something unexpected happens.

Well, for those of you who are diligent in doing backup WhatsApp data to a Google Drive account, so how to restore this deleted WhatsApp account will be easier, gang.

However, before that, make sure that the Google account on your cellphone is the account that is used to backup WhatsApp data!

If so, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Open WhatsApp app

  • First, you just open the WhatsApp application that was just installed on the cellphone.

Step 2 - Login WhatsApp account

  • Next, you log in using the phone number used on the old WhatsApp account that has been deleted.

  • Here you do the login process like creating a new account and go through the OTP code verification process.

Photo source: JalanTikus (This step can also be followed by those of you who want to know how to restore a deleted WhatsApp account on an iPhone).

Step 3 - Restore WhatsApp data

  • After the OTP code verification process is complete, then WhatsApp will automatically do the following scanning to look for WA data backups stored in your Google Drive account.

  • If process scanning it's finished and WhatsApp managed to find a WA data backup, then you just select the button 'Restore'.

Step 4 - Complete WhatsApp profile

  • When the restore process is complete, then you can complete your WhatsApp profile from name to photo.

  • Finally, just select the button 'Next' okay. Finished!

Photo source: JalanTikus (If you have completed how to restore a deleted WhatsApp account, don't forget to complete your WA profile).

Now you will be directed to the main WhatsApp page and the application will restore all the chat rooms stored on the file backup. How easy is that, right?

Unfortunately, for those of you who are looking for how to restore deleted WhatsApp account without verification, Jaka hasn't found a way yet, gang.

But, if you want to log in to WhatsApp without verifying, you can read Jaka's article about "How to Login WhatsApp Without a Verification Code" below this:


In that article you can also find out how to restore a WhatsApp account whose number is lost or how to activate WhatsApp with a number that is no longer active.

2. How to Restore a Deleted Whatsapp Account Manually

If in the previous method you used data backup stored in a Google Drive account to recover a deleted WhatsApp account, then what if you never do backup?

Without you knowing it, the WhatsApp application itself always does this backup auto, gang. File backup This is then stored in the HP File Manager application.

Now, armed with these files, now is the time for you to manually restore your WhatsApp account via the following steps:

Step 1 - Locate WhatsApp backup file in file manager

  • First of all, you go to the File Manager application on your cellphone.

  • After that go to the folder Whatsapp > Databases.

Photo source: JalanTikus (This is one of the steps on how to restore a deleted WA account by using a backup file in the File Manager).

Step 2 - Rename the backup file you want to use

  • Next, at this stage you will find the file backup sorted by date backup from oldest to newest.

  • Then, you select which backup data you want to use and then change the file name. Change from msgstore-TTTT-BB-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgstore.db.crypt12.

Step 3 - Uninstall WhatsApp app

  • If the previous step has been done, then you uninstall whatsapp app that is on your Android phone.

  • Then, reinstall the application from the Google Play Store.

Step 4 - Re-register the old WA number

  • After the installation process is successful, you open the WhatsApp application and re-register using the old WA number you. Follow all the processes like when you first created an account.

  • Then, Whatsapp will automatically do scanning against backup files. If you have found it, just select it Restore.

Step 5 - Wait for the restore process to complete

  • Finally, you wait until the process restore finished.

  • That way now your Whatsapp will contain all the data based on backup files the last one you used.

Photo source: JalanTikus (If you have completed how to restore deleted WhatsApp, wait until the restore process is complete).

Well that was a few how to recover deleted whatsapp account from Jaka this time, gang.

ApkVenue suggests that you should be diligent in backing up data to your Google Drive account. Because that way all your data will be stored safely, so you don't need to worry if at any time the data is lost accidentally.

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