know brute force hacking techniques and how to prevent them

The science of hacking has several techniques. One of them is Brute Force. Want to know more about what this Brute Force technique looks like? Just take a look at the following JalanTikus article!

Hacking is a science that is very popular with IT people. Because the science called hacking, makes us seem to have special authority than others. For example, with hacking knowledge we can have special access to VIP services.

Talking about the science of hacking, the science of hacking itself has several techniques. One of them is Brute Force. Want to know more about what this Brute Force technique looks like? Just take a look at the following Jaka article.

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Get to know Brute Force Hacking Techniques and How to Prevent It

In doing what is called hacking, hackers in general will definitely use several techniques. Examples are like Phishing and Brute Force. As for what Phishing is, then how to prevent it. You can see through the following Jaka article.


Well, because Jaka has discussed Phishing before, this time Jaka will discuss the Brute Force hacking technique.

Hacking technique Brute Force is a method to hack passwords by trying all possible combinations in the wordlist. This method is guaranteed to succeed in finding the password you want to hack. However, the process of hacking passwords using this method will take a lot of time. (source: Google)

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Why is it called Brute Force? The name Brute Force itself is a combination of words from the English language, which if you interpret it is forcefully.

If you try to understand the working method of this technique, you will find that this technique is an attack from the front just like that. You open an internet site, enter your username, then you try passwords ranging from AAA, AAB, AAC to ZZZ.

So you could say the name Brute Force is a description of this technique which is very forced to enter through the front door.

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This method itself is quite powerful actually. With a software, it will allow you to enter passwords from AAA, AAB, AAC to ZZZ automatically. However, the number of passwords entered starting from the letters AAA, AAB, AAC to ZZZ itself is very large, you have to enter the password hundreds of times.

It does automatically use the software, but you also have to wait for the software to enter all possible passwords from AAA, AAB, AAC to ZZZ. Of course this will take a lot of time.

It will take more time if the password consists of many characters, for example AAAAAAAAA to ZZZZZZZZZ. Not to mention if the server you want to hack turns out to give a 5 minute time span every time you enter a password. It's not impossible the processing time of this Brute Force technique can take up to 100 years.

But still, it's not impossible that a hacker can hack you by using this Brute Force technique. Therefore, here Jaka tells how to prevent it.


How to Survive Brute Force Attacks

Although this Brute Force hacking technique takes a very long time, it is still a powerful and quite well-known hacking technique. So, so that you don't become a victim of this Brute Force attack, here's how to deal with it.

  • Don't use PIN, as much as possible use a password.
  • Make a password of at least 8 characters. Use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation. Do not use a password that is related to a famous name, or your name, or your account name, or your date of birth.

Example of a good password: m@n0fFsPR1n9..,##

  • If a password like that makes you often forget it, create it using a Password Card.

If you feel that you have already been hit by a Brute Force attack, here are Jaka's tips to overcome it.

  • If you can still access your account, immediately change password. Not only your account is hacked, but all other accounts on the internet.
  • If you can no longer access your account, monitor the account and watch his movements. It's not impossible that you will get a clue.
  • If the account is a banking account, report immediately to the relevant bank and to the police.
  • Immediately tell others that your account got hacked and all actions related to the account are beyond your responsibility.

So that's Jaka's article about the Brute Force hacking technique and how to prevent it. Hope it's useful! Oh yes, don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments, thank you.

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