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4 ways to get a free iPhone, easy & just a cellphone!

Want a free iPhone 11 Pro Max? Here are 4 tricks on how to get a free iPhone that you can try!

Get iPhone 11 Pro Max for free? Surely you really want to get an Apple flagship smartphone for free or for free?

In the midst of the high price of HP iPhone today, being able to get it for free is certainly a dream for everyone. Moreover, the iPhone is also known as a premium smartphone that is able to increase prestige its users.

However, to get free iPhone in the midst of the exorbitant price is certainly not an easy thing, gang. Even so, difficult doesn't mean you can't, you know!

You see, in this article, Jaka will give you some tips how to get free iphone without a penny. Curious?

How to Get the Latest Free iPhone 2020

Let alone the iPhone 11 Pro Max, getting a free iPhone XR which is not included in the latest release will certainly be very happy, right?

But, you take it easy, gang! Because in this day and age, getting a free iPhone is no longer just a dream, you know. Curious to know how?

Here are some tips on how to get a free iPhone without a penny from ApkVenue.

1. Join the Competition

Photo source: Serbakuis (One of the most powerful ways to get a free iPhone is to enter a competition).

Don't have money to buy an iPhone? Santuy just! You can still get a free iPhone by using participate in various competitions, gang.

Starting from photography competitions, competitions to make funny videos, to short stories writing competitions with cool prizes, including the latest iPhone cellphones.

You can search for various race info with this attractive prize option via Google or social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

It's just that, Jaka recommends that you look for information first about the truth, gang.

2. Participate in a Giveaway on Social Media - (The Easiest Way to Get a Free iPhone)

Photo source: AppleInsider (Want to know the easiest way to get a free iPhone? Just join the giveaway on social media).

In addition to participating in the competition, there are also alternative ways to get another free iPhone that are no less easy.

One of them is with follow giveaway which is very often organized by celebgrams, youtubers, or something else brand on social media, gang.

The giveaway itself usually has rules or requirements that are easier to do, such as writing interesting comments, following or subscribing to social media accounts, to posting on Instagram stories.

Even though the conditions for participating are very easy, not a few of them are willing to give various choices of prizes at fantastic prices, you know.

Call it for example HP iPhone, HP Android, cash, Smart TV, game consoles, motorcycles, to cars whose prices are certainly not cheap.

3. Enter the iPhone Prize Draw

Photo source: Tokopedia

In order to continue to attract the attention of users, now a number of online shopping applications don't want to be left behind by holding online shopping malls lucky draw program.

Unmitigated, various attractive and expensive prizes such as the free iPhone 11 Pro Max are also the attraction that they offer to their users, the gang.

The mechanics of the lucky draw program itself vary depending on what online shopping application you use.

But usually on the main page of an online shopping application, users can break eggs in which there are lottery coupons with various prize choices.

Interestingly, the prize winning tax will usually be borne by the organizers so you don't have to spend a dime. Great, right?

4. Using the Prize-Sharing App

Photo source: Serguruku (In addition to getting free credit, the application for giving gifts can also be used to get a free iPhone, you know).

The next way to get a free iPhone is to use help giveaway app, gang.

The gift-sharing applications that you use here can vary, such as credit-generating applications, survey applications, to the application of exchanging points with prizes.

Even so, these applications basically have the same working system.

Where later every time you perform various available tasks, you will get coins or money that can be exchanged for prizes, including iPhones.

Well, if you are curious to know what applications can be used, you can read Jaka's article below:


Well, those were some tricks on how to get a free iPhone from Jaka that you can try yourself, gang.

But, the name is also free, so you have to be prepared to compete with millions of people out there who also expect to get a free iPhone, huh!

Oh yeah, if you have a trick on how to get another free iPhone? Can share in the comments column below, yes. Good luck!

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