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7 best joker actors of all time, who has the most total acting?

Have you watched the Joker movie? This time, Jaka will compare the actors who have played the Joker, from Cesar Romero to Joaquin Phonenix!

Who do you think villain the best superhero ever? Jaka is sure that many of you will mention names Joker.

Nemesis from Batman is indeed very popular and has many fans. It's not wrong if many actors have played the clown character.

Therefore, this time Jaka will give you a ranking list Best Joker actor of all time, from Cesar Romero to Joaquin Phoneix!

Best Joker Actor

As you know, Joker will have his first solo film which will start airing in Indonesia on October 2, 2019.

The film will be played by famous actors Joaquin Phoneix and directed by Todd Phillips.

Previously, the Joker character has starred many well-known actors. However, who is the best in acting agent of chaos the?

This time, ApkVenue will give you a list of the best Joker cast versions of JalanTikus!

7. Jared Leto (Suicide Squad)

Photo source: Metro

Controversy arose when Jared Leto appointed to play the Joker in the film Suicide Squad. The Joker figure in this film is completely different from other Joker versions.

The tattooed and earring Joker has caused a wave of protests from fans. Leto's own acting is considered less than optimal.

In fact, Leto has done his best to live up to the Joker's role. He often acts strangely during filming, such as bringing a dead pig to his table.

In the film he is also involved in a fairly thick love affair with Harley Quinn. In the comic version, Joker never really cares about Harley.

For these reasons, Jaka decided to put Leto in seventh place.

6. Cameron Monaghan (Gotham)

Photo source: TV Insider

You watch television series Gotham? If you have, surely you are familiar with the Joker character played by Cameron Monaghan.

As a series that tells the life of Bruce Wayne before becoming Batman, it took five seasons until the appearance of the Joker.

Joker in this series quite a lot of references from the comics. However, according to Jaka, Monaghan's acting itself is less able to leave an impression on the audience.

5. Cesar Romero (Batman 1966)

Photo source: Imgur

Cesar Romero played the Joker in the television series Batman from 1966 to 1968. Romero also played the character in the film Batman which was released in 1966.

Romero is able to display a childlike nature when playing this character. Some think Romero's version of Joker is too silly, weird, and too cartoony.

Even so, he has left a lot of legacy on how to play the Joker. He also sets the standard for how the Joker's crazy laugh sounds.

Interesting fact, Romero refuses to shave his mustache. Finally, the crew make-up decided to layer it so that it was invisible.

4. Jack Nicholson (Batman 1989)

Photo source: WhatCulture

Under the direction of the director Tim Burton, senior actor Jack Nicholson able to play the Joker character well in Michael Keaton's Batman film which was released in 1989.

Nicholson's version of Joker takes a lot of inspiration from comics The Killing Joke by Alan Moore.

Therefore, we will see a scene where Nicholson is plunged into a chemical solution that changes him.

Before falling, the Joker was a man named Jack Napier. After transforming, he becomes a sadistic and scary character.

Her makeup and crazy acting make for the perfect combination that Nicholson's version of Joker is considered one of the best.

Playing the Joker is one of the best performances from Nicholson throughout his career in the world of cinema.

Numbers 3, 2, and 1 . . .

3. Mark Hamilton (Batman: The Animated Series)

Photo source: CinemaBlend

Joker often appears in television series or Batman games. However, one of the most legendary is the one whose voice is filled by Mark Hamilton, the actor who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

He became the voice of Joker in Batman: The Animated Series which aired starting in 1992. In addition, Hamilton also voiced the Joker in various other media, including the Batman game.

With Hamilton, we'll see the animated version of the Joker looks just as terrible as the Joker live action. He is also able to present funny jokes that sound satirical.

Although he never appeared physically, Hamilton was able to sow terror with his sharp and cunning voice.

2. Joaquin Phoenix (Joker)

Photo source: YouTube

It's showing in theaters. Joker version Joaquin Phoneix fans have been waiting for a long time. Moreover, this is a movie stand alone first Joker.

We can see how a Arthur Fleck have to suffer from the influence of the environment.

Arthur works as a hired clown and cultivates a career as a stand-up comedian. Honey, none of his careers are really successful,

As nominee Oscar, Phoenix's acting is extraordinary and able to give a different sensation compared to other actors.

1. Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Photo source: Newsarama

Even though Joaquin Phoneix's acting is very impressive, according to Jaka, the best Joker actor is still the deceased Heath Ledger in the movie The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan.

As you know, The Dark Knight is often considered the best superhero film of all time. One reason is because of Ledger's acting as the Joker.

Ledger is Nolan's direct choice, even though he was scorned because Ledger is not a superhero fan. As it turned out, Nolan's decision was right to recruit him.

Ledger's dedication does not play around in order to be able to explore the character of the Joker. He once locked himself in a hotel room for a month to hone his voice.

As a result, we see the Joker who suddenly appears to test the morale of Gotham society. He had no purpose, other than to watch the world burn.

Unfortunately, Ledger never watched the movie The Dark Knight because of an overdose of sleeping pills. He did not have time to receive the Oscar which he managed to achieve thanks to his spectacular appearance.

That's the list Best Joker actor of all time version of JalanTikus. Jaka considers the actor's performance in the film and how it affects the audience.

Even so, according to Jaka, each actor has given their best to portray the legendary character.

Who is your favorite Joker actor, gang? Write in the comments column, yes!

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