6 of the best Facebook games that are often played, which one do you like?

Do you still remember which Facebook games are fun? Here, Jaka gives a list of the 6 best Facebook games that are most often played. Who knows you might be interested?

Who doesn't have Facebook? On average you must have a Facebook account right? Maybe even have more than one. What are you usually doing on Facebook all this time? Have you ever felt bored with your ordinary Facebook content? But, no matter how bored you are when you open Facebook, you can still get rid of boredom by playing games that are provided there, right.

Well, this time, ApkVenue will discuss nostalgia for playing Facebook games. Facebook has always accommodated users who like to play games by providing games of various themes, such as adventure, simulation, and so on. So while waiting for the notification chat from friends, users can play games on Facebook. Do you still remember which Facebook games are fun? Here, Jaka gives a list of the 6 best Facebook games that are most often played. Who knows you might be interested in playing it again. Come on, just take a look.

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6 of the best Facebook games that are often played

1. Top Eleven Football Manager

Photo source: Photo: Top Eleven Football Manager

Well, this is the Facebook game that is most in demand by football-crazy Adams. This game has the theme of a simulation of how you cultivate the correct football club. For example, we can determine the name and logo of the club, adjust the position of players according to skills, set the formation of players, process expenses and club income, buy and sell your players, and much more.

You can also compete against the clubs of your Facebook friends who are also playing this game. This game was released in May 2010 and it is said that Jose Mourinho as the coach of Manchester United also played this simulation game.

2. Ninja Saga

Photo source: Photo: Ninja Saga

The second most played Facebook game is Ninja Saga or commonly called NS. Yes, the game that gets like as many as 17 million users carry the Ninja theme which is similar to the Naruto animated storyline. In this game, you are required to create a ninja character and take care of it. Your mission is to fight against enemies in missions or arenas that contain your Facebook friends who are also playing this NS game.

You will also get Gold and Exp rewards which are useful for raising your level. Besides that, what makes this game fun is that there are so many events on a big day, for example Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine, and so on, with various rewards interesting. Unfortunately, this game has a weakness that is so easy make in-hack. For example, player new players, don't know tomorrow the level will be high (level 1 is directly level 60).

3. Criminal Case

Photo source: Photo: Criminal Case

For those of you who miss playing puzzle games or brain teasers, there's nothing wrong with playing this one game. Yes, it's called Criminal Case. As the name implies, you are required to become a detective who solves criminal cases. Starting from looking for evidence, matching the identity of the victim or perpetrator, and so on. However, to carry out this mission, you must have enough energy. Energy can be obtained through Invite Friends or purchase with a credit card.

4. Dragon City

Photo source: Photo: Dragon City

Dragon City is a game that requires great creativity and dexterity to complete the challenges at hand. This game is also quite unique because all the characters are para dragon (dragon) which has basic elements ranging from water, fire, earth, wind, and lightning. You can also build the habitat of the dragons in one area.


5. 8Ball Pool

Photo source: Photo: 8Ball Pool

Wow, we have arrived at the sports theme game again. Previously Top Eleven Football Manager, now there is 8Ball Pool. The game that is quite liked by Facebook gamers is a billiards game, where players can duel with other players.

6. Ant Struggle

Photo source: Photo: Ant Struggle

This game is really awesome. How come? This game is characterized by ants with adorable faces who fight against other ants using very unique weapons. There are watermelons, durians, bazookas, water guns, catapults, and others. You can also play this game with Facebook friends around the world. In addition, you can alsoupgrade weapons and armor you with a sacred stone that can be bought in a shop for money called Boyaa Cash.

Well, that's the 6 best Facebook games that many gamers play. There's nothing wrong with playing one of the games above to fill your boredom or free time. Do you have a selection of other best Facebook games? Do not forget share in the comments column yes!

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