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3 ways to check samsung screen for all types, easy & accurate!

Want to know how to check an accurate Samsung screen like how? This time ApkVenue will share the easiest and most accurate way to check the Samsung screen.

Samsung is known as one of the brand smartphone with an extraordinary number of users in Indonesia.

This South Korean company is able to captivate the hearts of many smartphone users in Indonesia thanks to its innovation and captivating product quality, including the quality of its bright and sharp screen.

To know exactly how the quality of the Samsung cellphone screen that you bought, this time Jaka will share how to check the Samsung screen that you can practice easily and practically.

3 Ways to Check the Most Accurate Samsung HP Screen

The screen is one of the main components of a smartphone. Its function in displaying visual output as well as providing input through touch makes its function in HP very crucial.

There are several ways to check the screen of the Samsung cellphone that you bought, and in this article, ApkVenue will share the best 3 of them all. This method has been practiced by Jaka before and can be a reference for you.

Curious what are the ways that can be done to check the screen from a Samsung cellphone? Here's more information!

1. How to Check Samsung screen with Secret Code

This first Samsung screen check method is the default method designed by the mobile phone manufacturer itself.

In addition to checking the screen quality of mobile phones made by Samsung, you can also test other devices on this cellphone.

To start using this feature, you only need to input code*#0*# on your Samsung phone numpad.

After you input the code, it will appear a special window containing various device menus that you can test starting from the quality of the pixels, sensors, and also the touch screen.

Step 1 - How To Check Samsung Screen For Dead Pixel

When your cellphone is dropped, sometimes the impact you experience can cause some of the pixels on your screen to die.

You can use this first Samsung screen to check the Samsung screen find out if there are dead pixels on your screen.

You just need to enter the code *#0*# until a special window opens, and select one of the 3 colors listed at the top.

Pay close attention to whether there are stains on the display of the color that comes out. Dead pixel will display a different color from the color you selected.

Step 2 - How to Check Samsung Touch Screen, Sensitivity and Response

Apart from checking dead pixels, this secret code can also be used as a way to check the Samsung touch screen.

To do so you just need to pressing option Touch in the special window that opens.

This open window will shows the touch screen sensitivity of a Samsung smartphoneg that you have.

2. How to Check Samsung HP Screen with Multi Touch Test Application

If you don't believe in checking the default Samsung screen, or maybe you want to compare the results, there is a special application that you can use.

How to check the screen with this application can be used to check dead pixels, check multi touch, and also as a way of checking touch screen Samsung alternative.

The application that ApkVenue recommends is called Multi Touch Test, and you can install and use it for free.

How to Use Multi Touch Test

For those of you who don't have the app Multi Touch Test, you can directly download this application via the link below, gang.

Apps Utilities Spencer Studios DOWNLOAD

Using the application as an alternative way to check the Samsung cellphone screen is also very easy, gang.

You just need to open the app and choose one of the 3 tests you want to run.

Step 1 - How to Check Samsung HP Screen on its Multi Touch Feature

Select menu Multi Touch Test if you want to see the function multi touch on your Samsung cellphone running normally or not.

When a new window opens, you just need to touch the screen of your phone, and observe how responsive is the sensor multi touchhis.

Step 2 - How to Check Samsung Touch Screen with Apps

In addition to testing sensitivity multi touch your cellphone, this application can also be a way touch screen check your Samsung.

The method is also very easy, just select the paint test menu, and see if touch input that you give on the screen goes well or not.

Step 3 - How to Find Dead Pixels on Samsung Phone Screen

To seek dead pixels, you just need to press the third option which is color test.

This menu will display certain colors on your smartphone screen that can be used for comparison dead pixels or not.

3. How to Check Samsung Screen Manually

The last method that ApkVenue recommends this time is how to manually check the Samsung screen.

The presence or absence of damage to the cellphone screen can sometimes be seen manually. You just need check every part of the screen on your cellphone whether there are cracks or not.

Besides that, you can also check the sensitivity and response of each part of the screen you carefully, to see if there is damage or not.

Those are 3 ways that you can apply to check the quality of the Samsung cellphone screen that you have.

You can apply this method easily and for free and the results are also quite accurate.

Hopefully the tips that ApkVenue shares this time can be useful for you to check the quality of your mobile screen.

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