how to make 3d photos on facebook, very easy & up to date

Is your profile picture normal? Want a cooler one? Eitss later, just follow this how to make 3D photos on Facebook the easiest and most up to date!

Did you know that they released their newest feature which is being hit and discussed around the world?

Yes, as the title of this article suggests, Facebook now allows us to upload 3D photos!

Unfortunately, not all mobile phones can experience this feature. Can Jaka not outsmart him? Of course, I can!

How to Make 3D Photos on Facebook

Actually uploading 3D photos to Facebook can only be done on iPhones that have the feature Focus/Dual Camera only like iPhone 7+, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, iPhone Xs/Xs Max, and so on.

However, there is also one new feature from Facebook that allows you to 360 degree photo upload and the results are similar to the results of uploading 3D photos that are specifically for the expensive iPhone.

Can I only upload photos from a 360 degree camera? The answer is no! You can try these tips.

Here are the steps on how to make 3D photos on FB guys!

Steps How to Make 3D Photos on Facebook.

  • The first step, Update the latest version of your Facebook.
Apps Social & Messaging Facebook, Inc. DOWNLOAD

It is obligatory to update the latest version of your Facebook on a smartphone, because only those who have been updated can experience this feature.

  • Second step, take panoramic mode photos on your cellphone.

Well, to make 3D or 360-degree photos on our Facebook no need for 360 degree camera, instead of using the panoramic photo mode.

For the record, for Android users who still using single camera, must first install the application Cardboard Camera from Google.

Because only with this application can your panoramic photos turn into 3D on Facebook!

You can download the Cardboard Camera application below:

Google Inc. Photo & Imaging Apps. DOWNLOAD

If for iPhone 4s and above or Android users with dual camera/dual camera, no need to install any app.

You can take panoramic mode photos directly from your iPhone or Android phone. In order to be able to upload 3D photos to Facebook.

  • Third step, upload to Facebook

Upload your panoramic photos to Facebook as usual.

  • Finished!

It's so cool guys! You only need to move your cellphone left and right so that the photos you upload move automatically or look like they have a 3D effect.

So tips from Jaka how to make 3D photos on Facebook. It's so easy guys?

Please try these tips now!

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