a powerful way to restore the lost operator and wifi signal from your android phone

We will present you tips and tricks to overcome signal loss and to get a strong signal all the time on your smartphone.

Effective Ways to Restore Lost Operator and WiFi Signals from Your Android Phone - Are you annoyed when you really need a smartphone as a means of telecommunication, do you not get a signal or the available signal is so bad? It's better if the cause is found out, if it turns out that you are already out in the open and there is still no signal, then what should you do?

Now through this classic problem, we will present you with tips and tricks to overcome signal loss and to get a strong signal every time. The following tips we get through OpenSignal with various adjustments by the author. Ready? Let's start the discussion.

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Effective Ways to Restore Lost Operator and WiFi Signals from Your Android Phone

1. OpenSignal

For those of you who don't know what an application is OpenSignal, OpenSignal is an Android application that is useful for finding the best signal from the cellular operator used, be it GSM or WiFi signals. This application is equipped with a compass that will direct you to a good WiFi signal source, as well as the nearest cellular tower (BTS) so you can approach it according to map directions.

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2. Restart Smartphone/Change to Airplane Mode

Normally, the smartphone will pick up the signal from the nearest tower. When you're in a situation mobile and traveling from one point to another, of course the tower used will change depending on which tower is closer to your smartphone. In certain situations, the transfer of signal usage from the tower does not run smoothly. From what the cellphone should have received a signal from the nearest tower, it still detected the previous tower and lost connection. The solution is easy, restart your cellphone or switch to mode airplane and return to normal mode to restore the lost signal.

3. Manually Set Network Type or Band on Your Smartphone

Under normal circumstances, the smartphone will automatically search for the existing network type. If 4G is available in an area even though it is weak, the smartphone will choose it as the main network. You can also set it manually so that the smartphone chooses the desired network type to get a better signal. Usually on Android, settings it is at More Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Mode.

4. Add External Antenna

This step is actually a bit extravagant, but if you really need it, why not. The use of an external antenna is rarely seen in everyday life for conventional smartphones, yes, but it is possible that the implementation of this antenna can be successful in certain conditions where it is difficult to get a signal. If you really intend, there is nothing wrong with buying a large external antenna.

5. Change Operator

This is the last and most commonly used solution. Changing operators can indeed solve problems quickly, because each operator has a different tower position. One operator may have a bad signal in an area, but the other operator can be brilliant. This step requires testing one by one against the desired operator of course.

Source: OpenSignal