how to spend telkomsel videomax quota without hooq and anonytun

Often get abundant VideoMAX quota and confused about how to spend it? Here's one way to spend VideoMAX quota without HOOQ or Anonytun specifically for you Telkomsel users.

As one of the provider With the most users, Telkomsel provides internet package services with various bonuses. One of the most popular is the VideoMAX quota bonus.

Unfortunately, there are still many who are confused about how to spend the large VideoMAX quota bonus. This time Jaka will tell how to spend Telkomsel's VideoMAX quota without HOOQ or Anonytun.

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How to Spend Telkomsel VideoMAX Quota Without HOOQ and Anonytun

Before getting into how to spend it, Jaka wants to talk a little about what it really is VideoMAX quota that. VideoMAX bonus quota as the name implies is an extra quota that you (Telkomsel user) will get when buying an internet package. The difference from the regular quota or the regular quota is that the VideoMAX quota can only be used to watch videos.


VideoMAX quota can be used to watch videos on certain applications, namely HOOQ, CATCHPLAY, Supersoccer TV and several other applications. For more details regarding VideoMAX quota, you can find complete information on the link that Jaka provides above.

How to Spend VideoMAX Quota Using the MAXstream Application

With a fairly large number of quotas, not a few Telkomsel users are confused about how to spend their VideoMAX quota. The most used way is to use and spend it with the application HOOQ or other applications such as Anonytun. Some even change the VideoMAX quota to flash quota.

This time, ApkVenue will tell you one alternative way to spend VideoMAX quota by using the MAXstream application. MAXstream is the latest application created by Telkomsel that you can use to spend your abundant VideoMAX quota. You are a Telkomsel user, go ahead download application via the link below.

Apps Entertainment Telkomsel DOWNLOAD

As an application that was created to accommodate the needs of its users to watch, MAXstream can be said to be a solution for those of you who still often leave VideoMAX quota because they are confused about how to spend it. This application provides special services for Telkomsel users to watch movies, TV series and other programs using VideoMAX quota.

Before watching, you can first check the credit and the amount of VideoMAX quota directly on the MAXStream application. You can immediately start spending VideoMAX quota by watching selected shows available in this application. In tab CHANNELS, you will be given a choice of various channels that you can watch using the VideoMAX quota starting from free channels, basic channels, premium channelsYou can even watch the 2018 World Cup matches via MAXstream, you know!

Go to tab ON-DEMAND VIDEOS, you will be given a wide selection of recommendations for the latest movies, the most popular TV series to various shows from various types genre such as drama, comedy, action and so on. Oh yes, you certainly don't need to register to use all MAXstream services, aka just login with your Telkomsel number.

That's easy way to spend Telkomsel VideoMAX quota without using HOOQ and Anonytun. You Telkomsel users now don't need to be confused and afraid that your VideoMAX quota will be forfeited and unused just because you don't know how to spend it. Good luck!

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