7 of the best video watching applications on Android, which is your choice?

Check out the 7 best video and movie watching applications on Android, the Jaka version for those who like to watch videos or movies on Android smartphones

Now, most people watch videos more often through smartphone devices. The development of video-based content is also increasingly popular and popular. This means we should too have a video player app which is fast, reliable, and has a lot of features.

So far, the most used video player application is still smartphone manufacturer default. Even though the application is a bloatware that can slow down smartphone performance.

Then, what are the best video watching apps on Android? Come on, see the list below.

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Best Video Watching Apps

1. MX Player

Placing video watching apps MX Player being the first is not an exaggeration. The reason is, this application has many advantages compared to other video player apps.

So, what makes this app so popular? Please note, there are many features offered by MX Player, such as features pinch-to-zoom, fast forward, rewind and volumes.

Besides, MX Player too has advanced features as multi-core decoding which is able to run faster up to 70 percent compared to other video players.

And again, this app can also play videos on almost all formats available and also supports the use of subtitle files.

2. Wondershare Player

Even though MX Player already offers the most complete features, it wouldn't hurt if try some alternative apps other.

So, this is the reason why the app Wondershare Player also a pity to miss. Then what are the advantages of this video watching application?

Wondershare Player apparently also has features that are no less good. This application has supports multiple codecs, can play almost any audio file, supports subtitle files, and can be used to transfer files from PC to smartphone via WiFi network.

3. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is a video player application that is also no less good in terms of features. Then what are the features?

There is a feature for control the speed when playing video, supports subtitles, and there are also various views that can be changed to make it easier to find the content you want to watch.

In addition, KMPlayer also offers two main modes to play videos, that is windowed mode and Google Drive mode.

If you choose Windowed mode, you can watch videos and run applications without having to close the video.

If on Google Drive mode then we can watch videos directly from the Google Drive page without having to download it first.

4. VitalPlayer

VitalPlayer is a video player application and video watching application that is not very popular compared to others. Even so, this app is still a worthy choice to try.

Then what are the advantages of this application? Apparently VitalPlayer offers unique features that are no less interesting, namely features adjust gamma level and brightness when playing videos.

Maybe this feature doesn't sound too interesting, but if you want to watch videos or movies that are too dark, then this feature will be very useful. This feature is also very useful for watching movies outdoors in sunny conditions.

5. BSPlayer

BSPlayer is one of the oldest video player applications in the world Play Store, and until now the application still exists and is popular.

Just like MX Player, this app also offers multi-core decoding feature. In addition, BSPlayer is also able to perform casting from Android devices to other media and also supports the use of Google Chromecast.

6. Kodi

Maybe you are familiar with the application Score. Yes, Kodi is an app home theater which can run on all kinds of platforms.

This app is also available for Android. As already explained, that this application is not only used to just play videos.

But when you are looking for an application that offers a professional interface with library that is easy to navigate, then this app is the right choice to try.

7. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer is an application that is also quite popular among Android users. This application has standard features to play almost all kinds of video formats, supports subtitle files, supports playlists, and supports continuous video playback.

Another feature that is no less interesting is that MoboPlayer can run video streaming from web. This means that the application is able to play videos via the protocol RTSP and HTTP.

Well, that's 7 of the best video and movie watching apps on Android. Surely you must have tried one of them right? Do not forget share your experience when trying it, yes in the comments column below.

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